YouTube Video Vault
(Updated September 03, 2009)

You Tube Videos

Old Home Bread Commercial
Narrated by Bill Fries aka C.W. McCall

Old Home Bread Commercial
Narrated by Bill Fries (this is another of many Old Home Bread Commercials)

Convoy 1978 Trailer
(w/movie background sounds/original song)

Convoy 1978 Trailer
(From the German Kinowelt DVD)

Paul Brandt's Music Video "Convoy"

Dan Bruno's Rubber Duck Truck June 2008

William Shatner's (Convoy) Price Line Commercial

Benny Hill Wheelchair Convoy Skit
December 1978

CB McHaul Toy Truck Commercial

ABC 1980-81 TV Commercial (w/Convoy)

WWE Wrestler Steve Austin on the CB Radio (Tom Green Show)

Hard Rock Version of Convoy
By "big jeezus truck"

Trailer for Sam Peckinpah Documentary
Passion & Poetry

Roger Miller- King of the Road
(My father LOVED this song, he sing it with emotion.
It was my father that started me into Convoy)

Karaoke Convoy

Very Good Karaoke Bar Performance of Convoy

First Female to sing Convoy, Great Job!
(that I have found online.)

CGI Convoy Music Videos
JakeCRD YouTube Channel

Convoy Bridge Finale (8/20/09)

Convoy: Trucker Hell Remake (8/15/09)

Convoy New Mexio Remake (8/14/09)

Convoy Desert Car Chase (8/13/09)

Convoy Leaving Truck Stop (8/12/09)

Convoy Movie Intro (8/2/09)

The Dukes of Hazzard (1/11/09)

Good ReMake Videos of Convoy

By andersloffa

"Pump Up The Convoy" By VJ Brewksi

Very Good Picture/Video,
that I have seen yet!

Vehicle Donation Resources:
Convoy Filming Locations
Convoy of Hope
Donate Car
Trading in a Vehicle

May 12: Check out the NEW YouTube Video: The Mark and David Movie Review "Cloverfield". (Everyone will get to see/hear me for the first time ever on YouTube and my friend Mark Hromisin discuss the movie/dvd "Cloverfield". Though the video is crystal clear we had poor room lighting. We will improve on that in next edition) The video and future movie reviews will be seen on the Movie Review page..

April 24:
* (Apparently and Mr. Deeley correct me if I'm wrong) Convoy Producer Michael Deeley's book "Don't Shoot the Producer" has changed to
  "My Life in Cult Movies" which also is only available in the UK as of October 2008.