Top Ten Favorite Movies
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1- Convoy
Notes: I told the story how I got started with this many times and having the website proves my love for this movie. Except for a lousy soundtrack, casting could have been better for a few and conflict in a proper dvd release. What can I say, I know the movie word for word beginning to end. There is no such thing as the greatest movie of all time, but everyone knows Convoy is and always be my all time favorite.
Negatives: Possibly worst soundtrack ever put together. Many argue with me online thinking I mean the main song (why would I?) Its every other piece of music which can be barely heard. The "back road into New Mexico" heavy dust/dirt scene should have been cut, waste of time and film. If more CW McCall's music were used (besides the diner fight instrumental) this may have sold better.

2- Let It Ride
Notes: Love Richard Dreyfuss, and although it was filled with foul language that was a major positive and negative. After the opening restaurant scene, every line said by every character was LOL thru the entire movie. Every movie content was present. This is my all time favorite comedy. Great scene was when he turns to face the camera "Am I have a good day or what?"
Negative: Possibly a better casting for the character "Loony"

3- Grease 2
I am attacked when I bring this title up for discussion solely due to it's kinda prequel. "How can you compare to first Grease?, Um who said anything about Grease 1" I have nothing against Grease 1 but that was without a doubt a 50's look at life and based on the Broadway play. Grease 2's scripting was more based on a 1980's view of school. I graduated in 1989 and it sure as hell copied my memory of high school (about 80%). The Grease 2 soundtrack to me was fantastic, (but again the first Grease's soundtrack made record sales). Except for one song I memorized every song of Grease 2. Maxwall Caulfield's "Charades" was a horrible song (although his scenes and singing were fair). It was Michelle Pfieffer's solo "Cool Rider" that was with out doubt stand out scene (as was Greased Lightning and Summer Nights for Grease 1). When Stephanie said to Michael "look when are you going to get the picture" I went back in time every time.  Besides the Charades being a horrible song there was definitely an excessive and unneeded amount of smoking. Grease 1 sure as hell did have that amount.
Negatives: Too much smoking and Maxwell Caufield's solo "Charades" should have been cut.

4- War Games
This movie started me in computer. Although for it's filming period and compared to 2009 it was amazing he was able to hack into anything with the equipment he had. But you also must figure all computer security systems pre-1990 were lousy it existed at all. I don't think anyone could have sold the character or scripting better than Matthew Broderick. They could have had more parental involvement, they were incredibly naive. I'm also surprised that there was no more than a kiss between Broderick and Ally Sheedy (although happy because sex does'nt sell with me, was not needed). Great military and law enforcement involvements and of course the computer intelligence Joshua sold like a 1990's internet view.
Negatives: That David was the only civilian that was into computers.

5-The Incredibles
I grew up on the Saturday morning Superfriends cartoons. With the possible exceptions of the Batman, Superman and Spiderman Animated series seen on Fox or WB this movie was a great attempt at a literal family version of superheros. It should have been made into a television series. The stand out script line from Syndrome was when he captured the family "oh no you married Elasti-Girl, and got busy!"
Negatives: That is was'nt continued into a tv series and no sequel as of 2011?

6-The Hunt For Red October
For people who are not either familiar with this movie or remember it, it was still in theaters as the VHS tape released, that is popularity (although it probably didn't break box off records). Great casting, story, submarine and other backgrounds. With sole exception (with great respect to Sir Sean Connery) he did not sell or was given enough Russian scripting his Scottish stuck out too much.
Negatives: As much as I respect Sean Connery, his attempted character as Russian Captain, he was still obviously Scottish. As well as American actors playing Russian characters.

My father a Vietnam veteran had high regard for this movie. Great list of movie qualities: Direction, Actors/Characters, Scenes, Script and Factual content of life during the war.
Negatives: The apparently vague scene of a Vietnamese child rape really was'nt necessary but the scripted for the casualty of war is probable fact.

This is possibly the only Barbara Striesand movie I like. I respect her as a actress but that's about it. As for the prostitution character vs a real life one, it was this movie attempts to show possibly a reason why they turn to this life. But I think the sole negativity is the name of the movie. The trial, doctors and psychiatrists insisted she needed to be put away in a hospital. Obviously in their opinion women like her are to be seen not heard.
Negatives: The whole point of being and desiring to be a prostitute is what is pushed as crazy by the doctors. But she even makes the claims they would pick up her type is so hypocritical.

9. Full Metal Jacket
The opening Marin training by the drill sgt is what sold this movie. The drill's sgt's contant foul language reminded me much of my father. One of the top three Vietnam movies ever!
Negative: That the drill sgt is killed so easy at the beginning.

10- Good Fellas
The Godfather series was a failure in my opinion, I don't know what anyone saw in them (especially that they were fictional writing). The mob/mafia have been around since the 1800's and a few classic films have attempted to tell stories on events. But filmed, scripted, backgrounds, acted and narrated by the basis of someone who literally grew up in a mafia family, FANTASTIC. I myself grew up in off shoot similar life style. I am not about to name names or claim I grew up in a shoot/kill people drug dealing life, of course not. But a company I worked for had a few connections with those type and there was a definite feel of safety and power. And just like Henry, the life came to an end living well not secrecy but vagueness.  
Negatives: A few scenes should have been cut or retaken possibly. Henry really never got violent with any one (other than Karen's neighbor).