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A Team, The (2010) [3.5]
- Positives: Was better than tv version by far.  Lot of great scripted comedy. Quinton Jackson as BA Baracas (replacing Mr. T) was great. 
- Negatives: I was not a big fan of A Team tv show from 1980's, maybe it was too much action/destruction for a tv show. Though Jim Carrey would have done a far better Murdoch.
(Notes: My father was a Vietnam Veteran, probably why he liked the tv show so much)

A Clockwork Orange (1971) [3]
Malcolm McDowell does very well with "bad" characters. The title makes no sense at all but there is a backwards redemption story. What the prison does to reform McDowell may seem to work against a violent person but actually makes the outcome of pacifism become death or defenseless.
- Positives: Actors, fair script.
- Negatives: Strange title. Sadism, violence, anarchy.

A Night To Remember [3.5] 1958
- Positives: According to online facts the movie was based on both crew and passengers accounts and is claimed to be the accurate story of the Titanic.
- Negatives: Is was not discovered until 1985 that the RMS Titanic had split into two or more sections. So the ending is not 100% accurate. (But what movie based on true story ever is)

A River Runs Thru It [4] 1992
Comments: My father was a river and lake fisherman so he took my brother and I many times when we were younger fishing, so this movie did a very good job of taking me back in time. So it had very good backgrounds, actors/characters. I think the idea of narration was the best movie invention even above factual points. Since I'm not religious some of it was fair for scripting.

Accused, The [3] 1988
- Positives: Actors, Locations, Script, Direction. 
- Negatives: Based on a true story of a mother of children. I guess is was changed because the public can't handle the truth. But the character Jodie Foster portrayed wasn't exactly a saint either.
(Notes: Possibly one of the most graphic rape scenes ever filmed)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective [3.5] 1994
- Positives: Actors, Background, Script. The plot definitely belonged to Jim Carrey
- Negatives: It was great for comedy but doubt there is a such thing as a pet detective. Good use for background and plot but I'm not a football fan. 

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls [3.5] 1995
- Positives: Jim Carrey without a doubt. 
- Negatives: Script and much of the characters. Actors were fair. Disliked the movie Cliffhanger so that tells you I did not like the opening of this one.

Adam [3] 1983
- Positives: Actors, Background, Script. Excellent recreation of the true story of the Adam Walsh. Including the real life people appear at ending asking people to look at displayed photos of missing children.
- Negatives: The sole problem was the scene in which John Walsh receives the call of the positive ID of the body. He was alone in the hotel room, his wife was not with him. Still would be difficult to watch for any parent.

Adams Family, The [3.5] 1991
- Positives: Actors, Script, Background. Actually a far better version than the original 1960's television show.
- Negatives: The actor who portrayed Gomez Adam was fair. Plus the story of Uncle Fester really confused the movie. That he as missing with amnesia? Also in the original television show he Fester was Mortica's brother, in this movie he's Gomez's brother.

Adams Family Values [3.5] 1993
- Positives: Actors, Background. New characters helped.
- Negatives: Weak script, Uncle Fester and babysitter/Black widow plot hurt it.

Adventures in Babysitting [3] 1987
Positives: Actors, Plot, Locations.
Negatives: Haven't seen this one in a long while it was difficult to really rate it. It was'nt horrible but script and story really was'nt that great. Elizabeth Shue is a stand out actress however the title alone both can sell and be negative.

Adventures of Ford Fairlane,The  [4] 1990
So many movies are chalked full of foul language and Andrew Dice Clay (fresh of the comedy stages) is no exception. But he does great with the character (which in fact is the name of a classic car), who is a combo of sexist and egotistic Sherlock Holmes wanna be. The music was fair at best was allegedly current stage of  rock music. 

Agnes of God [3.5] 1985
- Positives: Actors, Background, Script
- Negatives: Although it was a very good 'religiously implicative' movie, I'm not religious. I originally gave it 4 stars.

Air America [3] 1990
- Positives: Actors, Locations
- Negative: Although based on a true factor of the Vietnam War, Script was kinda weak using major actors.

Air Force One [4] 1997
Negatives: Highly doubt a rogue secret service agent would happen and the opening scene of a Russian warlord being taken so easily was not buy able, but over all great movie.

Airplane [3.5] 1980
Positives: Actors, Script. Other than a few early Mel Brooks movies I think this was the birth of slapstick. The script alone really sold to introduce slapstick.
Negatives: The plot of food poisoning and scripted shaky love plot between Robert Hayes and Julie Hargerty seemed more annoying then sellalble.

Airplane II [3.5] 1982
Positives: Actors, Script, Plot, Story, Scenes. Alot better than the first.
Negatives: Although it was needed and worked in script Ted's (Robert Hayes) depression and lack of condience for his past failures became annoying.

Aiport '77 [3.5] 1977
Positives: Actors, Plot, Story, Scenes. I think this was stand out of most disaster movies.
Negatives: Disaster story started late/slow as most movies do. Also what didn't look right for an airplane although it was character for the story that it was made to look fancy (bar, casino, etc).

Air Up There, [3] 1994
Positives: Actors, Plot, Scenes
Negatives: A few sports movies during the same year, (such as Blue Chips) had similar stories but this didn't sell.

Aladdin [3.5] 1987
Positives: Although Im not a huge fan of Disney this is among their great ones. Especially that the plot and story kept with the ancient stories. Of course Robin Williams was unbelievably funny as the Genie.
Negatives: If it was'nt for Gilbert Godfried the bird would have been annoying, side story that Aladdin having to hide his street image. And the obvious love story.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves [3.5] 1996
Positives: Voice cast including Robin Williams! Animation, applicated ancient/classic 40 Thieves as a plot.
Negative: Spite the fact it was not a theater viewed movie, sometimes direct to video still sells. Even being the third in the trilogy, it still turned out just as good. But maybe again the love story and wedding Im not a fan of spite it being the plot.

Alamo, The [2] 2004
Positives: Its about time the accuracy of the battle/death of Davey Crockett were told.
Negatives: Due to most people are addicted/brainwashed on the 1950's song and Disney tv series on Davey Crockett that most don't/never knew the truth. I think there was a more dull view of this movie being accurate where a hero version would be more popular.

Ali [3] 2001
Positives: Although it was a remake of  "The Greatest" starring Ali himself, Will Smith really sold as Muhammad Ali,
Negatives: I used to be a boxing fan vaguely. Pretty good for a bio of his career.

Alice Does'nt Live Here Anymore [3] 1975
Positives: Actors, characters, scenes. Movie helped give birth to the hit restaurant tv show Alice.
Negatives: As much as Im a vague Kris Kristofferson fan, not much of a story and fair script.

Alien [3.5] 1979
Positives: Actors, Wake up and Alien scenes, Script
Negatives: Like in most horror movies, the killer's (alien in this case) chase is boring/dragging. I only like kill shots and character scenes.

Alien Nation [3.5] 1988
Positives: Actors, Characters, Story, Script.
Negatives: Its highly doubtful the any goverment, let alone the human race would accept a mass populations of Aliens to live among us obviously visable (with strange habits and given human character names)

Alien Ressurection [2] 1997
Positives: Sigourney Weaver, thankfully. But even her involvement barely helped this one.
Negatives: Alien 3 should have been the last one. Only the aliens scenes were worth watching.

Alien vs Predator [3.5] 2004
Positives: Plot, Story, Script, Scenes and of course the Aliens and Predators,
Negatives: Possibly a better casting

Alive [3] 1993
Positives: Actors, Scenes, Script. Apparently a good recreation of the true story of foriegn soccer players who (some) survived a major plane crash. After months trapped frigid snow covered mountains, they ended feeding on the bodies of the dead. While 2-3 breached the unreal treacherous frigid mountains to find help.
Negatives: Possibly too authentic as much as I respect and expect a perfect recreation.

All Dogs Got To Heaven [2] 1989
Positives:  Haven't seen the movie in a while but voice actors, plot, story were fair (Burt Reynolds voices a dog?)
Negatives: I think it was the animation that did'nt seem ok. (Burt Reynolds voices a dog?)

All The Right Moves [3.5] 1983
Positives: Actors, Plot, Story, Script, Scenes. This definitely had to be the catalyst for the future sitcom "Coach" also starring Craig Nelson.
Negatives: Although some negativity is relevent for the outcome of the football game, it is doubtful both the Coach has the power to blackball a player from any college and would forgive him in the end.

Almost Heros [2] 1998
Positives: Chris Farley
Negatives: Although Chris Farley was a rising comedian actor, to copy if not compete literally for/against a famous expedition is less than fair.

Alvin and the Chipmunks/Chipwrecked (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Of course the Chipmunks are the main stars, script-worth watching and listening too.
Negatives: Unfortunately corrupt music promoter Ian Hawke is a surprise return. The Island scenes/story is lame, though Volcano scenes are ok. How they end up on the Island,
is questionable.

Always [3] 1989
Positives: Actors, Scenes. The story would sell for romance movies but not if this film didn't have major actors.
Negatives: Richard Dreyfuss in a practical sense stalking/scripted to look after his girlfriend he left behind. (after a being killed in a plane crash as a forest firefighter)

American Graffiti [3.5] 1979
Positives: Actors, Scenes, Music
Negatives: Difficult to explain this, since this was helped pave the way for the tv series Happy Days. As much as George Lucas and actors sold the era the film represents it seems to have a darker, moodier and not "positive, relaxed, happy tone".

American Hot Wax [4] 1978
Positives: Music, Actors, Script, Locations, Awesome film on history of Rock 'n' Roll. 
Negatives: A few names changed, don't know why and few music performances could have been better.
Notes: Seems a great portrayal of the father of the words "Rock-n-Roll", with great music a real life oldies rock stars appear. He promoted many repeated concerts although the story says he never returned to the air. He actually moved into a smaller if not lost career shortely before dying. The real Alan Freed's photo appears at end with the appropriate song "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay". I don't get why Danny and the Junior's band name was changed to The Planitones with Professor Plapatto.

American Pie [3.5] 1999
Positives: Actors, Plot, Script, Direction. Film really sold reality of the life of high school teens pushed/rushed into aspiration that losing your virginity and scoring is a requirement.
Negatives: Jason Biggs as well as he sold his character it may remind you of yourself or others, too realistic. The physical roles of Chris/Oz and Heather did'nt work, where she looked 3 feet tall and he appeared 7ft tall.

American Pie 2 [3.5] 2001
Positives: Actors, Script
Negatives: They all ended up together again even though they all split up in distance?

American Wedding [3.5] 2003
Positives: Actors, Script, Plot
Negatives: Some disturbing matter and gross scenes. Again another wedding scene but thats the title.

American President [4] 1995
Positives: Actors, Script, Scenes
Negatives: As much as the movie worked on the daily life/business of the American President, the plot is and turns out more positive than reality. It really didn't work for past American Presidents to date, and as much as it might sound like it would work no one running for office would win based on being a widow. The film's script touched on the probable scandal of dating but it didn't twist into the negativity that those in or running for office with no doubt deal with in dating.

American Tale [3.5] 1986
Positives: Characters, Script
Negatives: Not very good animation but CGI was in its infancy. I think it's foreign country background's didnt work.

American Tale 2: Fievel Goes West [3.5] 1991
Positives: Characters, Voice Actors, Script, Scenes. (Jimmy Stewart really sold Wyle Burp; Law dog loosely based on Wyatt Earrp) and Dom Deluise returns as Tiger as Fievel's friendly & very fat cat.)
Negatives. Animation seemed lighter but still not enough. Lot of close calls for Fievel.

Amistad 1992 [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Story, Scenes. (Despite a few "overboard" claims/statements of inaccuracy, it seemed the movie over all presented an accurate portrayal of the people and "ship" involved)
Negatives: Despite history's infamous memories its incredibly graphic if not horrific matters of slavery. Its like watching an extended version of Kunta Kinte's voyage to America. It is both required to know but not needed to relive.

The Amityville Haunting [3.5] (2011)
Positives: Actually very interesting. Although most of plot for 1979 version has turned out to be a hoax though a few things were not rejected as to did not happen. This movie apparently
tries to set itself 30 years later and still push the claim its no doubt haunted and being sold again. But if people who have purchased the home following 1979 have claimed they have
not experienced any paranormal situations, then why was the house sold so many times. Most people stay in a home 1,5,10,20,30, 50 years. The husband of the family, with military
background, end up losing it mentally just as James Brolin did in 1979 version. The wife or older daughter rebuts "What the F*ck!" OMG that is a funny scene.
Negatives: A somewhat young male (w/military background) with wife and 3 kids move in and end up dealing with the haunting. Although the wife and kids no doubt experience the
haunted house, the secured military husband refuses to accept any evidence or claims by the family. This is VERY annoying for a script or attempts as a fact-mokumentary meets
Paranormal Activity.

Amityville Horror 1979 [3]
Positives: Actors, Scenes, Script.
Negatives: Once it first was released it became America's most famous and if not first haunted home. But over years/decades, claims has become to surface that despite what family portrayed claims it has become to believed fictional (despite that years before a family was factually murdered in the same home).

Amityville II: The Possession 1982 [3]
Positives: Actors, Scenes, Plot. An almost perfect recreation of fact in which the oldest son murders his parents and siblings but also claims demonic voices made him do it.
Negatives: Burt Young always portrays a bum in some fashion in every movie and that has always been a negative image despite his great roles and acting work. The script claims the oldest son and daughter had a incestual affair, but that was never claimed by real life person or law enforcement. But Ronald Defeo Jr does claim in recent years his sister was also involved in murders with him.

Apollo 18 [3] (2011)
Positives: Its was definitely NASA meets Blair Witch. Many gave this a real negative review, probably due to it being fictional.
Negatives: Creatures on the moon are not fully focused on, reminds me of opening shots of Cloverfield creature. NASA and Government responses to astronauts is disturbing. Despite its a fictional movie, if were fact, where did they find the film?

Avengers, The (2012) [3]
Positives: A rarity of combining the original actors from each movie (Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man) but that was actual idea in the first place. Great action scenes. Good comical (comedy
that is) script.
Negatives: I know the idea is from the original comics for their egos to not get along at first and their were comics that actually had them fight each other over who was better. The movie did follow those
story backgrounds but it really was'nt needed, because honestly it hindered watching it. The primary enemy or antagonist "Loki" was honestly weak. Especially when Hulk grabs and slams him several times.

Bad Teacher (2011) [3]
Positives: Very much an adult movie (like remaking Billy Bob Thorton's Bad Santa into a teacher). Funny if not weird, pretty good script, fair casting. Also
clips from major school movies.
Negatives: This was almost a 3.5, but I took it personal with the teacher telling male students they would never succeed with a female student for
(mostly) how they dressed (that did'nt happen to me but no teacher has the right to talk to students about lack of better word dating) (In real life)
She definitely would not have gotten away with what she did or said to anyone on school property.

Barrens, The (2012 [3]
Positives: Great recreation of the alledgly legendary origin on the infamous "Jersey Devil" creature. IMDB lists filming location in Canada, but its well filmed for its dense forestry. Father suffering from rabies, from a previous dog bite, really sold.
Negatives: Who ever heard of a camp site you had to sign in (like a bldg's security desk). Actors were fair. Now, the Jersey Devil has only been claimed to have been seen (same as for aliens, bigfoot and ghosts; which Im a major believer in, so that is why I took a close look at this movie) is real life, looked like a large black lion with wings. Most historic describtions say its small or thin. And NEVER in its legendary history has there ever been a reported attack. That's why  a horror movie would not work for it.

Battleship (2012) [3]
Positives: Actors, scenes, story. CGI for the most part was ok. The board game "look" and premise would eventually make its way on screen toward ending. The enemy alien ships and way they attacked were impressive,
but individual aliens and their "suits" were cheesy if not common looking. The Navy ships, uniforms and scripting looked authentic. It was said the alien ships looked and acted like Transformers, well I would agree they
acted very much like Decepticons.
Negatives: Although it was scripted a bratty and apparently egotistical Tom Cruise type of character "Hopper" worked and hindered script and story. Althpugh it was never scripted or said on screen, the board game and
commercials "Battleship" the family members would say "you sunk my battleship".  Well I think it would have really worked when the Navy does strike their ships, so it could have been scripted "We sunk their battleship!"

Bridesmaids (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Even though and its the future of newer "unknown" actresses(other than Jill Clayburgh), seems casting was pretty good. Incredibly funny script and scenes.
Spoiler: Top LYAO Moments: Airplane, Gown Store, Wealthy Bridal Shower, and Getting COP's attention.
Negatives: From the title you might think its the lead actress who is getting married. But its more the cleche "always a bridesmaid never a bride plot", rather and better
a competition for Maid of Honor story. It becomes the story but annoying and probably why I didnt give this 4 stars is the war for Maid of Honor. Where a wealthy
new friend/bridesmaid versus a childhood friend Maid of Honor clash. It continued if not almost took over the story.

Captain America - The First Avenger (2011) [3: Worth Watching Once] (Notes: Yet another comic hero I was never really a fan of, didnt expect
high view of it, but was actually impressed. I only vaguely knew of his comic history and even vaguely knew cartoon history.
Positives: Story, Script, Characters, Scenes, actors not bad. Almost a 3.5 (Very interesting ending!) The script really gave his pre-CA body a lot of heart.
A few mix in characters from Iron Man movies appear.
Negatives: The Red Skull origin was even more vague. There is a sudden/sad death scene (Not CA). From the trailer I think they show up him get beat up as a
scrawny runt of a male, that was difficult to watch.

CARS 2 [Rating 2: Needs Improvement]
Positives: Of course Lightning McQueen and Mator as well as characters from first movie and voice of Michael Cain. Also a few interesting  "CAR"
mimics of  Queen of England and grandson Prince William?
Negatives: Incredibly bad script, children would be bored a spy story if not as well the foreign languages. Was really expecting a Disney type LOL story
to understand, enjoy with your kids. Right off the bat and for majority of first half if not almost entire movie is a obvious James Bond story. Also Mator
learns and begins to realize the type of person he talks as, which would not be honestly funny but is produced as sad.

Chat Room [3] (2010)
Positives: This was almost a 3.5 if not a film that should have been Oscar nominated. We all know what if not been in internet chat rooms. Imagine them for
real, you could physically walk into. Amazing script, and a few apparently new weird songs I found interesting.
Negatives: The description of dvd said something about a serial killer or stalker. You only pick up on it toward ending its (Spoiler) of the young chatters. He
he was pulling reminds you of a Freddy Krueger (Spoiler), makes people want to kill themselves. The ending is rip on Final Destination.

Citizen Kane (1941) [3.5] I had to finally take a look at the alledged and so called greatest movie and what was voted in AFI's 100 as the #1 film, Citizen Kane. I won't say I am not a fan of black/white movies, there are a few good ones. The title made no sense and all I heard about this one is two things. It was appparently, loosely based on newspaper tycoon William Randolph Heart and the infamous Rosebud line that also made top's in AFI's great movies lines. Well during and after watching it, I started to wonder and become curious why certain films were picked for the top 10 of all time. It was story and structure. Citizen Kane did have that. Very lousy set of actors but they tried to deliver. For a movie to make sense wouldn't be a historic. I gave Citizen a 3.5, worth watching again. Not sure about purchasing. You'd have to watch this a few times for it to make sence and figure it out. The last half of movie was research into what Kane's last words meant, "Rosebud". After a while I began to think it was something to do with his childhood. His life became when he was ripped from his parents and that started with the swinging and punching the man with his sled.

Cowboys and Aliens (2011) [2: Needed Improvement] (Notes: Deserves a 1)
Positives: Aliens were interesting looking, an off shoot of the Independence Day type. Both Cowboy relationships and Native Americans did act as they should
have for their time period, almost total untrust and aggressive.
Negatives: Not even Harrison Ford which was the only recognizable actor could have saved the script, story, etc. Very poor in many aspects. The title was a rip
on the classic phrase "cowboys and indians". But you definitely can't mix aliens with the old west, does'nt work.
(SPOILER NOTE: Climax scene is reminiscent of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.)

Back to the Future Part I-III
They were all awesome despite the fact of the love story which in the first movie was flaky, as well as Marty's brother and sister. Although Doc Brown's love story with the teacher Clara Clayton did sell. A little too much foul language on Marty's script for Part II. Part III when Marty calls Buford an a**hole after his ten count was funny/great sell. I really LOL when Doc Brown falls on the table after one drink.

Conan the Barbarian [3.5] 1982
Positives: I just barely remember seeing this on cable when I was young so watched it again for a review. This was tailored made for Arnold. Actors, characters, plot, story, script, scenes.
Negatives: Funny instead of saying "god" he called his "crom". As violent and bloody as movie looks, Arnold does not over act with out mercy as barbarian possibly would, just as the physique for it.

Conan the Barbarian [2] (2011)
Positives: Actor Jason Mamoa was well casted for the lead, shows a more aggressive, hunting warrior demeanor more than Arnold did.In any remake story was slightly altered but fairly acceptable.
Negatives: Was'nt as sword kill shot gory as Arnold's version. This like Terminator put Arnold on the map but a movie like this was made for Arnold ironically.So I have to say, Arnold Schwartzenegger's 1982 version was far more entertaining, in all aspects except that Jason Mamoa had as I said a warrior's killer demeanor.

Contagion [3] (2011).
Positives: Modern remake of 1995's Outbreak, but a world wide view rather than just keeping contained in a small town. Spoiler: Loosely based on the Swine Flu H1N1
Negatives: Not enough attention of people contaminated, more attention on the CDC executives and tracing. Never gave a name to the disease.
With family members dying, not real emotional.

Dark Knight, The [3.5] (2008)
- Positives: It's a practical tie of the better Joker, Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger. But Ledger's version is incredibly haunting. Ledger's Joker (both movies Begins and DK are comic book level versions of Batman) reminded me of Steve Railsback as Manson and Gein, incredible. The story never stopped to impress and/or surprise. If you ever wanted a movie and comic book to meet, they finally have.
- Negatives: I still found Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer the better versions of Batman.  Hard to imagine a come back story for Christian Bale's Batman now.

Deadly Companions, The [3] (1961)
Positives: Maureen O'Hara is and always has been feisty. Brian Keith you would think is a John Wayne protege. Good story (Im not a westerns fan, but being that his was the first Sam Peckinpah director debut I had to watch it)
Negatives: First time in movie history you dont see a mother not cry/freak over death of child. The character of Kit (Maureen O'Hara) is treated unfairly by most everyone.

Decendants, The (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Many movies that have either been nominated and won for best picture, most of the time deserve it. This one is one of them. Yes, George Clooney is a
hot shot male star but he really helped sell the role, script, plot. A few actors didnt fit but then against most did. I'll say one thing for sure, this movie will make every
married man appeciate his wife.
Negatives: In the story and script its heart wrenching to learn of Clooney's wife hospitalization and what he learned she had been doing behind his back. I usually get
uptight about children/infants in horror movies. The same thing applies for children and early teenagers using incredible foul language. Although their father
scolds them for it as well as the older daughter lack of better word boyfriend, it seems to become comical.

The Devil Inside (2012) [3]
Positives: No doubt its's The Exorcist meets Paranormal Activity (or what's becoming a new genre: Docu/Mockumentary aka Found Film). Its claimed to be denounced by the Vatican.
Though that just gives it more credibility. Though compared to the original Exorcist, not enough foul language. One very funny piece of dialogue is mother that is possessed, she exclaims in
foul language: "You F*cken priests all you ever do is F*cken talk!"
Negatives: Something that seems new but also old that was seen in conclusion of first Exoricist is what's called transference of demon from one human body to another. Whether it is true
or accurate, it also is a rip or copy on Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, where Jason's evil soul is passed thru several characters. The movie's final shots were fair, which really didn't
help to make a climatic finish but then again was'nt bad either (very hard to judge).

District 9 [2] 2009
- Positives: Background, Story, Special Effects. The documentary style view was probably the best idea.
- Negatives: Needed major actors, character names, script. The aliens were seemed like a rip on Jeff Goldbloom's The Fly. The alien's sole problem was communication. It remind me much of Star Wars and other scifi characters that made beeping/clicking sounds and to some/most human characters they were fully understood. Like a foreign language film you... See More needed the sub titles to understand them. To run the story with treating them and the aliens acting like they were distute/homeless then forcing written evictions like homeless humans was absurd.

Django Unchained (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Script, Story, Scenes, Actors, VERY BLOODY. In my opinion it seems to be 1983's Scarface in slavery times. A slave climbs to status.
Negatives: I read a few black actors were looked at for the role of Django, I noticed Will Smith's name, he would have been better. One major negatives: No white man and no black man were have been permitted to be partners, even an abolishnist...The white man would have been killed by other whites and black man returned to slavery. I also find it ironic that Samuel L. Jackson playing a slave butler which condems Django being allowed to be treated like a white man.

Dolphin Tale [3] (2011)
Positives: Lack/spite of saying close to the plot of Free Willy (child and a killer whale), since this one is a true story and that it suffered an injury,
its very inspiring and it turns out so authentic that "winter" the dolphin her self portrayed her self.
Negatives: Although the movie shows accuracy of its discovery of being tied up, injured, tail amputation and stubbornness of a prosthetic tail its
difficult to watch.

Don't be Afraid of the Dark [2] (2011)
Positives: Actors, Story, At least the story of the creatures was told before end of movie and very detailed too..As for their appearance not bad,
but they could have been bigger.
Negatives: Definitely the finale with the creatures and actress. I would not have let it end or gave up like that.

Dream House [1] (2011)
Positives: Seemed to start like any other normal family moving into a new house and eventually discover something is wrong with it....
Negatives: The plot, story, actors have give no real clue what the hell really happens, happened. Never imagined anything could be worth than Blair Witch 2.

Empire Strikes Back, The [4] 1980
Positives: Characters, script, story, special effects
Negatives: As popular Lando Carissian was/great respect for actor Billy Dee Williams I found the Lando character as annoying C-3PO and Jar Jar (annoying every movie has them). Also I found awkward was a 3 foot character teacher a 6 foot human, "judge me by size do you?" (sorry in this case yes). I have no prejudice of midgets/dwarfs but Yoda is a puppet. The ultimate negative is the line from Yoda "do or do not there is no try" Um, no such thing as practice???

The Expendables [3.5] (2010)
Positives: Now thats what I call an "All Star Cast"! Great script. Story was fair.
Negatives: Maybe a better title.

Exorcismus [3] (2010)
Positives: There have been a few modern versions or remakes of The Exorcist. Make up and devil control of victim was realistic due to its always claimed a evil/demon or the devil will make you harm your family/friends while the entity appears to harm its host. Sorta of a spoiler: Alot devil controlled murders but ending is a non attempted copy of End of Days.
Negatives: Whether or not the movie attempted to portray a realistic demonic possession, it does'nt match the classic from 1973. But ironically 1973 was far more probably exaggerated (entertaining, gory, foul language).

Footloose (2011) [3]
Positives: Yes there are too many past movies are being remade and this definitely no exception. Everyone who remembers
the original will definitely pick up obvious scenes from the original. Major add/change was the car crash scene that killed teens
leading to the town's law enforcement of dancing. (Spoilers) Opening scene starts with Kenny Loggins Footloose although it
involves the teens that will end up in crash, ironic since original movie ends with dance that plays song "Footloose". This may seem
like negatives but it goes both ways. Only other song played by original artist was "Lets hear it for the boys".
Negatives: I could say almost all as I said in positives, this went overboard with just about every scene from original. Although one
song "Holding out for a hero' (originally done by Bonnie Tyler) remade by Ella Mae Bowen (I'm sorry but it can't be sung soft),
she just killed it. Although it was intentionally casted and choreographed this way, the outfits and dancing are over board with sexual

8213 Gacy House (2010) [1]
- Positives: At least their focus supposed to be a paranormal investigation of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Use of cameras, and other (few) paranormal equipment, room to room searching.
- Negatives: Where do I start. Where half of them acted professional, the other half acted like childish cowards. A sold claim of true story especially that they were viciously attacked and all found dead, if this were true to would have made national news headlines. Major paranormal groups like PRS, Ghost Adventures or TAPS would have filmed investigations them selves, if they did I never heard about it. Very little use of real paranormal equipment. A ton of cameras, probably just for movie propping, and 1 or 2 things like EMF detector and/or K2 meter. Each team member would have had each piece of proper equipment. Over all it sucked and lie as a true story and an insult for a real investigation. A total rip of Blair Witch meets Paranormal Activity. It was a claimed true story and compared to Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. Although the Gacy person and murders were true, this movie and so called investigation as a joke. It lacked a Ton.

Graduate, The (1967) [3.5]
Positives: I beginning to understand why certain movie's were voted into the 100 list. It's amazing how many movies copied (barrowed) lines/scenes, so in a way it's out of respect or admiration for a film. I remember the ending of Waynes World 2 and they copied pretty much the entire wedding scene in the Graduate. But man, when I read the plot for this. I had to see it. This married woman literally just pushed him and he replied with no choice. I could partially relate. Great script.
Negatives: Possibly its era, backgrounds would have been better suited in 1980's or 1990's. It would down right ridiculous for Ann Brancroft to be throwing herself at young Dustin Hoffman, get a life although thats the story. And it's scripted for him to just give in?

Grease (1978) [3.5]
Positives: Filled with almost all star cast and if not helped push rising stars, the movie lived up to its era that it represented. Alot of great music from the cast as well as background music from Rock-n-Roll era.
Negatives: As popular as the particular love songs are and do respect their aspect for the plot/script/story as well great singing by the female cast I have bever been a huge fan of love story type movies.

Green Lantern (2011) [3]
- Positives: They really dove deep into comic history (Notes: Which I though was rare although like Transformers was mix of comic and cartoon history).
A lot of outer space adventure, story and characters which were very good. Not a selfish one super hero view although it was supposed to be, it was
good script did not stay or end up like that.
- Negatives: Only a few things I found very different rather than negative: How Hal Jordon is found by alien is slightly different and the enemy character
Parallax in the comics was a Green Lantern turned into god figure where the movie it as a large cosmic alien sorta. I personally never really followed
the Green Lantern character but had great respect for him. Know origin from cartoons rather than comics. That's why I probably wouldn't watch it again.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010) [3]
Positives: Good story, characters, background, CGI.
Negatives: Many movies in history have sequals with part numbers but this is a strange title. It sorta makes sense after watching to lead into next
movie/part. I was never a big fan of magic story type movies. Honestly had to push myself to even watching all of them on dvd.
Will check out and rate final chapter "Deathly Hallows Part 2".

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 [3]
Positives: Interesting story and climactic finish.
Negatives: Only their futures I questioned. Harry was so popular he should have become a teacher at Hogwarts. And among the
male/female relationships who ended up with who I disagree with.

The Help (2011) [3.5]
Postitives: Script, Actors, Scenes. Seems its supposed to be based on actual true accounts. I would say the toilets in the lawn was poetic justice and laugh your a** off even compared
to the sick pie matter. This would be a female ROOTS in 1963.
Negatives: Ironically difficult to watch for harsh racism and needed for equality between employer/employee

Horrible Bosses (2011) [2: Needed Improvement]
Positives: Cross The Hangover (backwards) with 9-5. Fair to I guess cool ending.
Negatives: Since I never worked in offices I can't for sure if bosses would be really like that, but we have all had our share of bad employers,
but being a movie it was probably exaggerated a bit. Took half  the movie for real comedy to start.

The Ides of March (2011) [3]
Positives: Actors, Story, Scenes
Negatives: Probably needed more major actors besides George Clooney, Marisa Tomei and Phillip Hoffman. Though a dry dialogue, story has alot of elements that current "dirty politics"
aka scandals have surfaced in past 15 years.

Inglorious Basterds [3] (2009)
Positives: Although VERY fictional I can why it was Oscar nominated. Though very graphic and respectfully so, as well as an ingenious idea of how WWII could have ended rather than D-Day
Negatives: It is was'nt for some boring dialogue it would give it a 3.5

Insidious [3] (2010)
Positives: If you like movies on haunted houses, noises, stuff moving, paranormal groups, psychics, etc. Different excuse other than possession, as well as
not bad demon/ghost appearances.
Negatives: This is several rips on past movies with the above items listed. Also a poor excuse of a paranormal groups and equipment. Also very poor title.

Iron Lady, The (2011) [3]
Positives: I have always been a fan of biographical movies. Was definitely interested in this one, due to growing in the 1980's she had just been elected to Prime Minister.
The movie contains key moments of UK history WWII, economical problems, riots, her problem as a woman in climbing the political ranks. Although Meryl Streep I guess
did a good portrayal: Leonardo Deparpio and her proved anyone can play anyone with Hollywood makeup. One thing during the 1980's was although Margaret Thatcher was Prime
Minister, it seemed either the news or the country made Queen Elizbeth II more important.
Negatives: For most part of it was the music, like most anyone movie a little music or major can work if done/used rightly proportional. But in this, it was blasted.
Especially during dialogue which hindered.

I Spit On Your Grave (2010) [3]
Comments (Difficult to simply rate with positive/negative): A remake of a controversial 1978 movie I only knew by rep due to its brutual rape scene. Of course Im no fan of such horrible matter especially when afternoon soap operas show such matter also. I said to my wife why dont we just skip to the revenge chapters. We decided to watch and if it gets to upsetting we will fast forward.
Well the girl being by herself in the middle of redneck woods, being a toothpick and vaguely flirting with locals. Things like that you bring the attention. Although she was'nt, women who wear skirts, make up and "flirt" expect a male to just stand there and take that. Thankfully Im married.
Anyway, the infamous attack scene, well Ive seen worse in The Accused and a few others. Being a slasher film fan Im into killer and revenge scenes. But were very well created. It stuns me how any female can psychologically and physically can place themselves in such a scene/matter.
The revenge scenes are truly awesome. You definitely need a stomach for it. But for its controversial rape scene: Death Wish 1 & 2, The Accused, Casualties of War and a few others were definitely far worse than this was described as.

J. Edgar (2011) [3]
Positives: If you don't know the history of FBI or Hoover (although most know by name/rep) definitely a movie to watch.
After watching I read wikipedia for movie's accuracy. It was announced Hoover's history of being "gay"and "cross dresser"
were questionable, movie did push this but not enough to be overly disgusting. My wife and I are fans of much of today's law
enforcement shows such as Law and Order SVU and past shows like NYPD Blue, etc. So its very interesting if not stunning
to learn Hoover literally invented "finger printing and forensics".
Negatives: As much as I respect actor Leonardo Decaprio, I don't think he was the right choice for Hoover. He proves
that with a ton of make up anyone can look "large". There is nothing online (maybe by witnesses or other books, but I found
nothing online claiming that Hoover personally was onsite or made "collar" of historical criminals.

Jack and Jill (2011) [2]
Positives: Script, Scenes
Negatives: Im sorry and as much as I tried to appreciate Adam Sandler he did a poor twin female (sister). A ton of cameos. Adam as the brother is only thing actually worked.
Something told I wouldn't like this but from the second I realize he was portraying his own twin sister, although a comical script, this one just plain (blows raspberries).

Jaws [3.5] (1975)
Positives: Script, scenes, actors. Sells to the end as they Schieder, Dreyfuss and Shaw board the boat. When the making of documentary was released, its truly amazing to learn the shark was fake and production really believed the movie would be a flat failure. The shark you swear was real! Alot of great script lines; "Your gonna need a bigger boat."
Negatives: Opening of girl being yanked down like a yo-yo by a 25 foot shark, giant mouth and sharp teeth was so lame but then vaguely shown in pieces during Dreyfuss' coroner scene?

Jaws 2 [2] (1978)
Positives: I guess shark scenes and Roy Schieder.
Negatives: Too many people scenes than shark attack scenes. Ending killing shark scene was lame. Shieder should have been burned if not eletricuted himself being so close to shark bit the power line.

Jaws 3 [3.5] (1983)
Positives: Not the matter of attempt at 3D but it did apparently help in body part shots. Alot of profile actors. Ending was sorta cool.
Negatives: Having killer shark in sea world type location was ok at best. Mention of baby shark?

Jaws: The Revenge [3] (1987)
Positives: Profile actors, return of wife character Ellen Brody and her kids dealing with shark helped sell. Only shark chase at ending using instrument to give shark a headache was cool.
Negatives: Most of movie bad story, mention of Martin Brody dieing of heart attack sucked. Although the gun shot flash back from first Jaws was cool and wife's idea to ram shark with boat seemed to sell. But the shark stood up in the air in the ocean????

Karate Kid [3.5] (1984)
Positives: All actors, characters were great. Pat Morita sold as the wise old Karate teacher. Movie sells all the way to end when Daniel's training starts.
Negatives: It's obvious all enjoys the story of the comeback kid from being bullied (but not me since I am a survivor of bullies). Ending was so phony. Why would tournament final opponent Johnny, who is announced as two time champion, walk into a telegraphed kick by Daniel who is standing on one leg.

Karate Kid [3] (1989)
Positives: Interesting, far more and vicious opponents for both Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. Like how Terry Silver and bad student Mike played a fight with each other in one scene.
Negatives: Several actually, very little tournament scenes, only at end but story/script and antagonist characters kept pushing for Daniel to fight in tournament. We learned rules for tournament changed that Daniel only had to fight and defend title in final match. That would be infair to likes of first movie antagonist Johnny. Mr. Mayagi who kept replying Karate for defense only refused to retrain Daniel, gives in when he realizes is former rival Creese returned with backup. Mayagi takes them all out but Daniel does not get involved in confrontation. Seems Daniel would lose to a much more powerful fighter in Mike Barnes than Johnny ever was. The outside interference should have disqualified Barnes.  Barnes just stands there was Daniel begins showing strange training moves. Such a powerful and badass opponent would have figured out all that. First movie to not have a love interest, it's vaguely teased (he hangs out with a girl but she rebuttals to have a distant bf).

Killer Elite [3] (2011)
Positives: After reading that this was a remake of the Sam Peckinpah 1975 movie,  I could see Peckinpah's style in it (fighting, car chasing, etc).
Negatives: Even the critics, such as Rotten Tomatoes, gave negatives reviews. Plot, story and major actors needed improvements.  Even Robert Deniro
couldn't save it.

King Kong [2] (1933)
- Positives: For it's time, (I wouldn't have known this thanks to special edition disc 2) the almost new stop animation of turned out pretty good, but still not too giant. The backgrounds were also pretty good. Fay Wray was a good screamer, probably the inventor of it. In disc 2 of the special edition dvd they show a newly created stop animation lost scene "the spider pit scene". Very well done.
- Negatives:  Not a very good story, a movie director or producer is pretty much ordering a crew of roughnecks around on their own ship and they almost accept it. Were they top actors for the time, but if that were the case it would have taken away from the ape star. Although the 1976 remake proved that wrong.

Lawless (2012): [3]
Positives: Actors, Script, Set Designs. This was apparently based on true story. It was said NASCAR originated from moonshiners souping
up their vehicles running from the law.
Negatives: Although it was continously claimed true fact, the patriarch character Forrest was practically invincible. Being shot several times, throat slit, falls in a frozen link drunk, he still kept getting up? Maybe so...But difficult to believe. As corrupt as law officials can be and know if even protect locals. Who would they actually shoot or protect, their own versus the money of mobsters?

MAMA (2013) [1]
Positives: Actors, Scenes, CGI was fair...Character of Annabela at least tried to be mother character to the girls even if she almost refused it.
Negatives: I have said to MANY times, "CHILDREN DO NOT BELONG IN HORROR FILMS!" Story was confusing at times including origin of "Mama/or what ever it/she was". Ending was not acceptible, especially as a parent to view. I don't suggest this film be viewed by parents.

Margin Call (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Script, Plot, Scenes, The name of Investment Firm was changed but wikipedia said its based on the fall of Lehman Brothers. I loved the movie Wall Street,
so I wanted to compare (but since I am poor at math I thought Id be bored). It was actually an interesting script with great actors.
Negative: But kinda shlot/boring if not tacky ending.

Mask Maker [3] (2010) (Notes: According to IMDB original title was Maskerade)
Positives: Although this has very obvious rips on 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacure and filmed in the original house, it was not bad for a rip or remake.
Fair kills shots and storied history to characters. Many rip scenes as well as scripted lines from Friday the 13th, Halloween, etc (the classics).
Negatives: Ending fair but would've worked better as an alternate scene then actual. I just barely accept reason why the "normal/human" characters obtained
the TCM house. The cops showing up 2nd to last scene, was clueless although there is a vague explanation.

Men in Black [4]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script. Who always shows up in a major disaster, possible UFO or commercial vehicle crash to clean up everything. No one could have done this better than Will and Tommy.
Negatives: Many aliens needed work, possibly George Lucas could have improved on.The bug, a giant cockroach fit into  the the skin of even a 6ft human male? Don't get me wrong, the giant cockroach was a great idea and the skin break on sold, but it's head was bent down like his head was between his legs.

Men in Black II [4]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes. The statue of liberty idea was great in the end.
Negatives: The postal scene needed work, as I said in MIB 1, aliens needed some work. The primary alien uses a female model as host, yes and no. The equipment used to restore Agent J (TLJ) was so crappy looking. Was she his daughter?

Men in Black III (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Will Smith sold another good movie. Tommy Lee Jones does'nt have alot of long scenes. Script, characters and scenes. Climax of film does bring first Men in Black full circle.
Negatives: As much as Josh Brolin was put over as a young Agent K, I really didnt think his acting or story sold. The opening of film is more stunning then sad as well as climax is a bit sad. The story for
Agent K to go back in time doesnt really fit but that would be a major spoiler and major discussion if your follow Star Trek time travel philosophy.

Mommie Dearest [3.5] (1981)
Positives: From daughter's Christina's point of view it was said she is among the first (probably besides Jay North 'Dennis the Menice') to openly reveal child abuse among child stars/children of stars. Most of Hollywood's legend elite deny Christina's story because they never saw that side of her mother, however most of movie shows Joan Crawford's trial/tribulations as an actress with and without the kids.
Negatives: The point of the movie is the abuse that Christina and brother Christopher suffered, so it is a very tramatic if not psychotic series of moments with a physically, mental and verballly abusive parent. Both popular and difficult movie to watch.

Muppets, The (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Yes they are back and scripting leads you to story its definitely a sequal not a remake. The opening is great with the
Muppets concerting to major hits like Boehemian Rhapsody and an AC/DC song. Jack Black makes alot of what seems like
cameo shots, as well as Whoopi Goldberg and few other actors. Original Muppets scripting is incredibly funny. Especially scene
with Jack Black tied to a chair yelling to a live tv audience he's being held hostage by weirdos.  The old men "Statler and Waldorf"
Muppets say "now you know how we felt for the past 20 years" OMG THAT WAS FUNNY! The adult antagonist character, he
was either  based on or would give "Dallas"'s JR Ewing competition.
Negatives: There is a new muppet named Walter and although it seems to be the 1st half of plot, he ironically does'nt fit (which is
intentionally the plot). Also two adult characters love story is heavily plotted, again Im not a love story fan- leave the love story in a
Muppet movie to Miss Piggy and Kermit. The ending seems sad and how it's scripted honestly does'nt make sense.

My Soul To Take (2010) [3]
- Positives: It seemed like pretty good for a while especially being a Wes Craven movie. Even the description contained a Michael Myers meet Freddy Krueger made sense. . Eventually you think you know who the killer is, an explanation why it is happening is a pretty good story. But 96% is worth watching, thankfully as I said its Wes Craven movie.  
- Negatives: Only the killer appeared in a stupid costume. Although the opening seemed it was a demon possession situation. Fair kill shots but like typical horrors it drags to each kill shot. But who it turns out to be actually make no sense but needed "who the killer was" make sense.

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) [2]
- Positives: Great use and visuals via stationary cameras. Sorry for the pun, the paranormal activity was I guess descent (especially the kitchen door scene, awesome).
- Negatives: NEVER USE OR PLACE CHILDREN ESPECIALLY A BABY IN A HORROR MOVIE. I FIND THAT UNACCEPTABLE! Too much family scripting and not enough paranormal. In the trailer you saw scenes of the baby crawling outside the house and a demon figure seen at the bathroom door (but the netflix dvd does not carry those).

Paranormal Activity 3 [3] (2011)
Positives: As fair as the previous 2. I also liked vhs cameras rather than today's digital. The second movie had a pretty good kitchen scene, but part 3
has an even more awesome one.  I would love to know how they produced it. Will have to wait for a hopeful dvd commentary to find out.
Negatives: I've said this a few times, don't involve children in horror movies. There was major hype about the final 15 minutes, honestly it was'nt
close to the PA 1's ending.

Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) [3]
Positives: Actually a are far better filmed of all the PA's. A handheld camera is used rather than boring stationary cameras. Teen girl has interesting computer communications. A paranormal moments are interesting, especially shocking light crash.
Negatives: Although it seems one child is the baby from ending of Part 3 and his activity if interesting, the kids getting out of bed constantly gets annoyingly redundant. The killings seem all the same, thats stupid. Ending scene the people appear to look vampirish..???

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2011) [3.5]
Comments: First, I honestly did not think I would bother to watch any of them. Reason being, how does Disney portray Pirates other than what they really are by definition. As I began watching the first it was Johnny Depp (who Im honestly not a fan of) who did a fantastic and sarcastic drunk Foster Brooks is a Pirate. Each movie's story did a great job of portraying the ancient Pirate sea stories and how legendary they had always been told thru out the centuries.

Paul (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Good script, scenes, comic use of  foul language. Lots of references and scenery to famous alien/space movies. Jason Bateman and Sigourney Weaver were only good casting.
Negatives: Casting, spots for foul language is fair but how it was written needed some work.

Premium Rush (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Although film takes in NYC, I reminded me when I was a bike courier in Center City Philadelphia called Kangaroo Courier (only for a few months in very early 1990's, I just checked the internet and they are still in existence)....The film's courier office looked the same as what I remember Kangaroo's did (from memory) but I dont remember so many bikes hanging from walls. You supplied your own bikes, fix your own bikes, kept in touch I think by bulky flip phones. Very fast paced movie. I think some bike couriers did ride that fast but very dangerous and illegal. It was a rule if not safe warning not to ride fast. Cops in movie yelled at him to "stop and walk that bike", I remember being yelled at by cops once or twice the same arriving at delivery bldg. Great story of humanity, friendship, very funny police escapes...Interesting bike and vehicle stunts.
Negatives: I would not have ridden a bike that FAST in major center city, very dangerous and unlawful. Money was not that great since I think I only last a few months (unless you were fast rider and carried multiple packages). In film, bikers used wired cell phone head appartus to communicate, I only had a flip cell phone. I doubt ANY biker could practically survive bike crashes flipping over cars and not suffer broken something and lacarated, get back up and continue riding.

Prometheus (2012) [3]
Positives: Has some attempts to repeat or be familiar with 1979 Alien, after all this it's prequal. Some scenes do explain what we would see in 1979 Alien.  Beginning
of film has an interesting story of archaeological findngs of ancient Earth and alien origins. 
Negatives: Most actors are unfamiliar. (Major Spoilers: the infamous "the company" statement is not repeated but possibly the old man in apparent old recording at beginning and appearence
ending is possibly the owner of the company...Th 6ft alien that is the primary villian of every movie is not seen but a different type egg released face grabber does appear. There is also a
different impregnation type of scenes.) The apparent CGI or computer scenes for the ship is too CGI especially when it didnt exist in 1979.

Puss in Boots (2011) [3] 
Positives: Voice actors (though unless you know "all" the actors you won't recognize who they are portraying). Although
the story starts slow you pick up the names of fairy tale characters then realize what/where this is going. Scripting does seem
to skip but a good amount of funny lines. Its an attempt to give fairy tale characters a real existence. Only reason I even watched
this is due to our enjoyment of cats.
Negatives: So called animation, that looked more like 3-D but not the type need red/blue paper glasses. Movie starts slow so
unsure of plot till fairy tale characters names are revealed. The star character Puss and "egg" character are brothers???
(well raised together that is). Some fairy tale character's plots are changed for story's run. I was generous giving this a 3.

Ragin Bull (1980) [3.5]
- Positives: Goodfellas meets Rocky. Since I have respect both Goodfellas (Joe Pesci, Robert Deniro and others), and the movie Rocky. The special edition dvd says commentary with two people along with Jake LaMotta himself (yet to hear it). I was surprised he was still alive.
- Negatives: With the brutality the movie portrays and language I can see why I never noticed it on regular tv. Talk about paranoid and self ritcheous.

Return of the Jedi 1983 [3.5]
Positives: Actors, script, special effects
Negatives: I found the Ewoks (Unlike Yoda the Ewoks were midget actors in suits, great respect for them. Their scripted characters, although as mass army, taking down as army of 6 foot laser gun armed troops?) most annoying and un-needed as was the forest moon scenes, but that was part of story to eliminate the Death Star defense shield.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) [2: Needed Improvement]
(Notes: I have to assume this is a reboot for a start to sequels)
Positives: Plot, Script, Characters. Many references, names and famous script lines from 1968 Planet of the Apes.
Negatives: Story carried too much attention on scientific experiments that led to their intelligence. Also too much screen time with single ape instead of more
with gathering of apes. (Spoiler) Apes did attain intelligent tactics and spite but not rabid anger (though it would appear so).

Rite, The [3] (2011)
Positives: Based on a book due to the Vatican began hiring Priests for a abundant of exorcisms. I would just about consider calling this
"The Exorcist V",  though carefully enough the events of the the first are vaguely mentioned or even teased. "What did you expect head turning
pea soup?". A young pregnant girl apparently possessed spits profanity which seems to be rewritten script of the first movie but again this really has
nothing to do with the 3-4 Exorcism movies.
Negatives: Like I said this has nothing to do with the original movies and is not even titled them, but scripting and scenes did seem to copy or
follow similarities. The ending as most exorcism movies has the priest take the demons possession, (SPOILER), that does'nt happen. It's ending
is "that's it" at best. They should have had an alternate ending for the dvd though.

Rocky [3.5] 1976
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes
Negatives: As much respect most people who have watched this film and critics, his scripting for being  unconfident with his ability to climb world of boxing ladder. And his own speech as Rocky, not scripting, was very dry. Also, you look up boxers, whether ranked or local in a book? Honestly unsure if boxing promoters have the right to decide who the champion faces or does the league the title is governed by. Lost mistake by Creed is saying that January 1 is the nation's birthday.

Rocky II [4] 1979
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes
Negatives: Its doubtful that the champion would answer critics by challenging the opponent. Once a fight is over, yes the fight either way is criticized whom ever wins, not sure who would order or want a rematch. One stand out problem with the Rocky film series is the bloody punishment they "supposedly" endure. Many years if not decades ago they did, but for health, making a living and barbaric results fight would be stopped almost after the immediate sight of blood.

Rocky III [3.5] 1982
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes, Music. (Mr. T sold as one of the most vicious if not by mistake favorite antagonist characters in film history. A much more vicious version of Muhammad Ali)
Negatives: Again, just like the boxing promoter in first film, Creed in II, Mickey-his trainer decides who he fights. That does'nt legally work probably but it makes good script again. Burt Young his ENTIRE career plays a bum in some fashion/way or another. He really goes all out to prove that in opening.

Rocky IV [3.5] 1985
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes, Music. (Stallone really sold a great script at ending "in this fight, you saw two guys killing each other. Well I think thats better than twenty million)
Negatives: Besides Dolph Lundren will always be remembered for "the Russian in Rocky", his character was over sold as powerful if not unbeatable. He annihilates Apollo Creed but Rocky is able to go toe, whether or not Apollo did'nt take him seriously.

Rocky V [3.5] 1990
Positives: Actors, Script, Scenes. (Far more involved family dispute dialogue between Stallone, real life son Sage and even Talia Shire).
Negatives: Original scripting called for Rocky to die but movie rights with studio overrode Stalllone. Rather than a boxing finale, they end up in a Philadelphia Street Fight, it worked but it was'nt ring work that we are used to. Richard Gant sold a off shoot of real promoter Don King, in the end he repeated to Rocky "if you touch me I'll sue". Rocky does hit him and replies "sue me for what". Rocky assumes the promoter  would'nt win a law suit based on the neighborhood would not testify.

Rocky Balboa [3] 2006
Positives: Characters, Script, Scenes
Negatives: Sorry, the way Stallone aged Rocky, he could still take on a young opponent? The film series should have ended with "V" and still mourning the loss of Adrian does and does not help. This one just makes the actors and history of Rocky out of date.

Scream of the Banshee (2011) [3]
Positives: A new look or version of Pandora's Box. I also thought the creature's way of attacks reminds you a female Freddy
Kruegar. The creature reminds me a few puppet type characters (Twilight Zone The Movie) and (Dark Crystal).
Negatives: (Spoiler) Opening scene could have had a better script of why/how creature ended up in the box although ironically that
is what was shown. Doesn't really explain what time period it occurred although a Knight capture's it.

Sherlock Holmes [3] (2010)
Positives: Actors, Characters, Scenes
Negatives: Script was difficult to figure out. But only at the ending as Holmes explains/diduces to his nemesis Blackwood about everything thru out movie, then the plot
and story can be understood. (I geneously gave it a 3, not until Holmes explains everything to Blackwood is worthy of a 3). Also the infamous Holmes theory of reasoning "what ever is left,
however unlikely, must be the truth" is never scripted.

Sitter, The (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Script, Scenes. Definitely a remake of 1987's Adventures in Baby Sitting, just male version. But all casted, did and didnt sell.
I was thinking (the late) Chris Farley would have been great for this. Honestly better than the 1987 version.
Negatives: Seemed like no major actors, (so/but the script/scenes saved the movie)

Skyfall (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Characters, Script, Story, Scenes. The story really sold, with what turns out to be a agent surviving past torture and getting even via betayal.
Negatives: First half of the movie, seemed to lead that they would kill Bond off, (let alone be shot and questioned for active duty) Most of the actors seemed ok for the roles but them some seemed to be updated (an older Bond? and young actor to portray "Q". I even questioned actor Daniel Craig (not disrespect).
Skyfall (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Characters, Script, Story, Scenes. The story really sold, with what turns out to be a agent surviving past torture and getting even via betayal.
Negatives: First half of the movie, seemed to lead that they would kill Bond off, (let alone be shot and questioned for active duty) Most of the actors seemed ok for the roles but them some seemed to be updated (an older Bond? and young actor to portray "Q". I even questioned actor Daniel Craig (not disrespect).

Social Network, The (2010) [3]
- Positives: Hearing and reading about the actual history it seems the factual history appears to be accurate depending of course what you believe based on the published story. But the lawsuit scenes are a definite he said vs he said. Actor choices were apparently good. A line in the movie I was impressed by (depending an historical accuracy) Mark Zuckerburg replying to the Winklevoss brothers "If Facebook was really your idea why didn't you create it?!"
- Negatives: Where do I start. Movie reviews are not supposed to be or even made personal. But as I say to alot of people why would anyone listen to a "movie critic" its just an opinion. But this movie hit a personal nerve/demon in me. I spent/lived and worked for a company that housed off campus living to UPenn students in Philadelphia. So I believe I know college students, although I never was one technically (did briefly attended tech school for less than a year). The image of college students I saw showed them to be arrogant, know it alls and pretty succeeding in jamming their foot in doors and in their own mouths. Ive seen so many college portrayed movies that it seems the only two goals are "a degree and getting laid".
Note: I only ended up on Facebook because a friend of mine, bullied me on to it. :)

Source Code [3] (2011)
Positives: Seems like a remake of Bruce Willis 12 Monkeys and a take on the "repeated script" episode "Cause and Effect" from Star Trek: TNG. Eventually you cheer for the hero to fulfill his mission.
Negatives: The chamber the hero is in is very vague, even in script to character himself. The title should have been "Guinea Pig is a Corpse" or "Corpse is A Guinea Pig"

Star Trek: First Contact 1996 [4]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Plot. An historic question is answered at practical ending to whom were the first aliens human made contact with. Simple enough the most popular race. Both James Cromwell and Marina Sirtis  were hysterical in their drinking scene.
Negatives: The background story for going back in time due to Borg interference was good but seemed cheesy. The 24th century Enterprise crew literally helping make the first warp flight was without a doubt cheesy if not literally involved in their own existence. Even in the last Star Trek series Enterprise their mention vaguely. 

Star Trek: Generations 1994 [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Plot.
Negatives: The Nexus??? My god, how many times travel episodes did each series do and this is the best they could come up with??? The title is also too simple, again.

Star Trek Insurrection 1998 [3.5]
Positives: Script, Scenes. Some scenes with TNG crew experiencing youth again due to the planet's properties was interesting and funny.
Negatives: This was more like a tv episode than a movie should have only been that. If it was'nt the TNG crew it may have almost sucked.

Star Trek Nemesis 2002 [2]
Positives: Characters
Negatives: Poor story, script, plot. All time worst Star Trek film. The death of Data was not expected, just barely understable.

Star Trek The Motion Picture 1977 [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Script, Scenes, Special Effects
Negatives: Story was questionable or needed a tad better re-write. The title of movie is not the point of vague but too simple. Not a big fan of original tv series and the plot's seems like s 2 hour expanse of a would be tv episode. This was of course just a reunion of TOS characters.

Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan 1982 [4]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes, Special Effects. Ricardo Montalban was a fantasic antagonist.
Negatives: Not saying the plot was negative because its of course an enemy character from the TOS returning for revenge, hence the name. So although the title is cool, it should have been more incognito. Possibly more damage to the ship would have improved it.  Spock's death although poignant, could have been done better in face make up.

Star Trek III The Search For Spock 1984 [4]
Positives: Characters, Script, Story. Christopher Lloyd did a great original Klingon as they have always been portrayed as.
Negatives: I can only think it would be copying or they actually did copy Leonard Nimoy's documentary tv show "In Search of " title. The plot to bring Spock back 3/4 of the movie of course but the script for it was vague. Kirstie Alley should have returned as Savvik. Killing of Kirk's son David should have been a fight but was just as bully vs no contest.

Star Trek IV The Voyage Home 1986 [4]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script. Although it was a good story, plot was so similar to ST: TMP, the scripted awkward ness of the foul language of mostly Spock and spots by Kirk were comical.  Really funny was when Kirk and crew blocked the harpoon and shut off the Klingon ship cloak scaring off the whaling ship. There are many great script rebuttals so the foul language was unnecessary.
Negatives: The attempt to implement foul language due interacting with people in 1986 was almost stereotypical. A few mistakes can be easily found. In the outgoing message by President of the UFP says "signals as almost totally ionized our atmosphere". Spock says "the President did say the signal was directed at Earth's oceans."

Star Trek V The Final Frontier 1989 [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Scenes and Script just barely.
Negatives: First thing on this list was title. Should have been used for a final movie rather than a title to probably described the reason behind the plot. Second, the plot. How many people in reality think and do this. Searching for God of all things does and cannot be implemented, scripted, written or even thought into SCIENCE FICTION! Well then again? It seemed to me almost all actors were out of shape. Kirk said this "great barrier" was at center of galaxy. How many times at Star Trek journeyed there probably. Just a lame if not poor script, plot. Worst of Kirk area movies. What was with the apparent nude scene for Nichelle Nichols??

Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country 1991 [4]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Plot. Although Star Trek TNG's episode Yesterday Enterprise explains how the Klingon peace treaty came to be. So this movie is what would be considered the preliminaries to a truce.
Negatives: The Klingon prison did seem to much like their type. Add on the fact I thought Klingon's don't take prisoners, they kill their enemies. Although the title was explained in pre-post production statements, still didn't seem like Star Trek language. Spock's rebuttal with Kirk "only Nixon could go to China" was questionable. The famous and historical phrase explains how Nixon would help bring a conclusion to the Vietnam War but this movie Humans-Klingons were referred as the cold war between US-Russian.

Star Wars (Episode IV A New Hope) 1977 [3.5]
(Notes: If film work like this did'nt exist to the level it was released back in 1977 I probably would be illuminated as I would be in a 2011 stadium style theater. So I have to admit watching it thousands of times on television killed it's image of being original. I think I saw it on television even before video since my first theater movie was until at least 1984-1986)
Positives: Characters, script, story, special effects.
Negatives: Kill scenes a bit to graphic for even science fiction. As comical and enjoyable as everyone would find C-3PO I found his, lack of better word, naiveness or constant wary annoying as most found Jar Jar Binks was in Episode I.

Star Wars (Episode I The Phantom Menace) 1999 [4]
Positives: Story, characters, script. Pod Race was great. (Note: As most found the character Jar Jar Binks annoying I though he was funny/enjoyable)
Negatives: The title; should have been just "The Beginning". As much as I liked Jar Jar his people needed a little more work on CGI art. The character-friendship between Anakin and Padme seemed ok as friends, it was difficult to picture them having a relationship-future in this movie.

Star Wars (Episode II Attack of the Clones) 2002 [3.5]
Positives: (It's very much impossible to say any other way, but exclude the love story; all aspects of film were fine).
Negatives: The love story begins for Anakin and Padme, and as much as it was needed it dragged it (since Im not a super fan of romance movies). And it would not have worked if Anakin had'nt sprouted to about 6'5. Padme's script even kept telling him she was not comfortable reminding him she remembers him as a child.

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith 2005 [3.5]
Positives: Story, characters, special effects. The battle between Yoda and the Emperor was fantastic, it was a representation of God vs The Devil. The birth of Darth Vader was long awaited movie moment (interesting they even brought back James Earl Jones for the voice).
Negatives: The light saber battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan reminded me as Lord of the Rings, way too long. However it was fast and furious. Movie really sowed up loose ends quickly. Anakin's turn which although dragged from his, Episode II's, frustrated attitude and impatience turned into what seemed as he were drugged addicted by Senator Palpatine. The choice to just turn and attack everyone insight could be viewed as a serial killer's mind. If the Wookies were scripted why was'nt the Han Solo character added as a cameo.

The Smurfs (2011) [3]
(Notes: I noticed bad reviews online for this, but Im a fan of the original cartoon so I had to see it. Not bad at all)
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Story. Very good job of character on The Smurfs based on the original cartoons. Hank Azaria did a great Gargamel.
Negatives: Only that a few Smurf character names were changed. Needed a far more negative and rough voice for Grouchy. 

Super 8 (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Great script, story, scenes, actors. It was Close Encounters of the Third Kind meets Cloverfield! Lot of scenes were shocking, 
edge of your seat, OMG, What the moments! (Note: Probably will purchase DVD)
Negatives: Like Cloverfield the "thing/creature" was vaguely shown, but even thru put movie an outline of body was shown and full face I guess?

Task. The [3] (2011)
Positives: A definitely ironic script when it came to character choice as apart of the script. (I dont mean casting). Prison was good size, good set decor. A seemingly interesting view of how a reality show is produced and ironic twist in story/script.
Negatives: Like most non majors, possibly a major actor or plural was needed. And even final destination kills shots would have helped also.

Texas Chainsaw Massacure 3D (2013) [3]
Positives: It is announced as direct sequal for 1974 version  although there  was 1986  Part 2. However it seems to take place almost immediately after the girl escapes in pick up truck in 1974 version. Actor Gunner Hansen who played original Leatherface (Bubba Swayer) has cameo as a relative of Swayer family when police confront them, his white beard is really noticable. Although same good gory material, not enough teen victims.
(SPOILER): When typical girl survivor, discovers she is relative is Swayer family, she turns and help Leatherface, her script line to him WAS SO FUNNY I WILL REMEMBER IT FOREVER and you will actually cheer as Leatherface gets even with town posse. Dif type of ending were used to but not bad. Leatherface shows her a sealed letter which reveals more family history but ironically shocking is her grandmother; is played by actress Maryln Burns the survivor in 1974.
Negatives: Although good gory material not enough teen victims. May it was me but his make up job and possibly body size is not as great in original TCM's. Also, Ive notice this in films in the past 10 yrs...ENOUGH WITH the TOOTHPICK ANOREXIC actresses.

Thing, The [2] (2011)
Positives: Uh boy, a few elements of the 1982 version of tacked in. A stand out scene in the 1982 version, the spider human head, was remade into a full body (talk about a rip off).
I won't say I hated it but since I was a big fan of 1982 Kurt Russell version I had to check it out. There were two new never before done elmemts: that the creature could not remake
non bio parts like teeth fillings and the crew entered the spacecraft,
Negatives: Remember, if you ever did or watched, a copy of a copy of vhs tape, same here. Its a definite attempt to combine the 1951 and 1982 versions. Kinda of a lame ending. How
many others have reached a second remake (1951, 1982, 2011)

Thor [3] (2011)
Positives: Actors, Story. I honestly was never a fan of apparent comic or cartoon version. I know there is historical references that he was a Norse god. I have yet to read on the comic/cartoon character to see how well the movie was accurately based. I was actually impressed.
Negatives: Like I said I don't know the character history enough but according to the movie he had a brother name Loki who is historically known as god of mischief which is not referenced at all like that.  

Titanic 1997 [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Plot, Script, Historical Scenes
Negatives: Most notably the love story although it did work apparently. Although much was done on historic records, interviews and anatomy/video of wreckage, a few scenes were either admitted to be a tad exaggerated or later discovered possibly inaccurate.

Total Recall (2011) [2]
Postives: Character and storied references from the 1990 (AS) version. A few CGI scenes. There is a cameo from a actress who passes a security check point, which in 1990 version, Arnold is dressed as a woman which her head seperates "get ready for a surprise" and she reprieses her scripted first line "2 weeks". However, nothing unsual happens but you do remember her face, but she seemed to slim down.
Negatives: Where do I start, actors, reworked script which didnt work. 1990 version was very violent but it worked. Too much CGI, sometimes if work, this was too cheesy.

Toy Story 3 (2010) [3.5]
- Positives: Yes an anticipated animated sequel. Except for a few missing characters and voices from the first two it was still pretty good. It's final scenes are lines are emotional but it's call growing up and letting go. I am being generous giving it a 3.5, the animation and actor voices and being apart of the Toy Story saga is what saves it.
- Negatives: The storied backgrounds needed different ideas. If they were deliberately taken to a day care center would make sense. The apparently bad characters that ruled the day care center, didn't sell. Looking back at Toy Story 2, the bear was a rip on The Prospector's story. Also the story's time lime, having him jump from boy to getting ready for college is one heck of a jump for a sequel. They should have continued thru an animated tv series like Star Wars Clone Wars did.

Transformers (2007) [3.5]
Positives: Thank god, Peter Cullen voiced Optimus Prime, other wise its doubtful this movie would have worked. Action scenes, script, Shia LaBeouf was ok for Sam.  
Negatives: Before I learned the Transformers themselves were CGI, I believed they were actually for real, animatronics (I described as a "starving artist put together model").  I've also said many times "sex" doesn't sell with me in movies and television (not needed) so neither did Megan Fox. Movie would have truly sold using original G1 cartoon voice actors. Megatron killing Jazz so easy sucked but it was placed to sell Megatron's brutality.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) [3] (Notes: That's being generous, should give it a 2)
- Positives: Nasa Story, Many G1 Cartoon references. Director Michael Bay always delivers with great CGI, Action and Explosions.  
Cameo by legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin. A few new Transformer appearances such as Shockwave, Laserbeak, apparently Unicron and others.
Favorite scene in film in film is Rose Huntington-Whiteley's Carly with a verbal spot with Megatron, was totally awesome!
- Negatives: First, Sam's problem & reason for finding a job was stretched ridiculously long and more an insult to the character.
Second, I'm honestly not a fan of sex in movie or television (and thats just the view of young females in short dresses). Rose Huntington-Whiteley was
just a blond usage for the G1 character Carly. Even Megan Fox had better action scenes again was not a fan of her sexual matter in previous two.
Third, Sentinel Prime's heel turn totally unexpected, my mouth dropped in shock. Fourth, Optimus Prime taking out main Decepticons by himself was
scripted selfishly. Fifth, if Buzz Aldrin had a minute + cameo, movie should have had Donald Trump spotted for 5+ seconds running out of Trump Tower
in Chicago scenes. Sixth, a little overboard with Decepticons take over and rampage of Chicago, it looked like something out of a Terminator movie.
And last, movie way too long, 2 and half hours.
(Notes: My friend Mark and I agree movie's end's too abruptly but it seemed as a probable trilogy finale)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [3.5] (2009)
Positives: Great start to finish script, scenes, more Transformer characters and following more on G1 cartoon story lines.
Negatives: As mentioned in first Transformers review, Im not of fan of female characters used almost primary for gf but name as movie in history that does'nt. As much as they brought/shoved in the story/scene of Optimus being killed (it was more a prison gang up than the 1986 version of a one on one leader vs leader fight), so it was horrible to watch.

Tron [3.5] 1982
Postives: For the era of computer graphics, it was awesome. Great story. Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and David Warner were great casting.
Negatives: The other actors were fair. However the computer graphics seemed too grayish almost black and white.

Tron: Legacy [3] 2010
Positives: Fair story as a sequaled follow up with the son looking for his father and much reference from the first as well scene elements.
Negatives: Background scenes were more dark, horror like even. The scripted story of what happened to the father, characters and "the grid" since the son growing up was kinda vague somewhat difficult to understand. Climax at ending fair could needed better scripting or alternate ending.

Twilight Saga (2011) [Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse] [3]
Positives: A different plot of which discovering and hiding for Vampires. Ironically the character Edward does not want to attack
or turn Ella into a vampire but protects her.
Negatives: I have never accepted or like vampire movies/characters due to Hollywood's past creating, exaggerating, and if not
amplifying vampire history. And of course Im not fan of love stories. But had finally watch these due to their overboard popularity.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) [3]
Comments: I could both ways positive/negative when it comes to even spoiling the story and ending.
Major Spoiler Alert: First 20 minutes are for those who enjoys weddings. But when a strange pregnancy threatens
Bella's life, all know and say the baby will cause her death but takes Edward to change her over to save her (I'd
call that a good script). The final shot of movie is what she always wanted.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script. As much as I always promoted Im not into love stories, this was more the protection of a child. And should
nomimated for picture of the year. Bella's vampire education was very interesting.
Negatives: As always Im not a love story fan. The final battle should have been a larger group versus the valtouri, although what the battle is
actually revealed as, both a let down and relief. 

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) [3]
- Positives: Since I absolutely loved the first in 1987, a sequel would be intriguing. When I read Charlie Sheen would have a cameo (I said a line from Superman II, "man this is gonna be good!"). Michael Douglas sold great just - as he did in the first movie.
- Negatives: I was impatient so I read about the movie before watching it, and was surprised by a few things. His very young son Rudy had committed suicide(OMG!) and where did this daughter Winnie come from? Charlie Sheen would only have a cameo and what he says in a brief confrontation with Gecco turns out to be hypocritical. It's probably the updated look of media, internet and the financial world I don't care to hear or see now, didn't push/sell this to something I'd wanna see again.

Wizard of Oz, The [3] (1939) (Notes: Just watched recently released 2 disc special edition)
Positives: But listening to interviews/docs of TWOZ author, making of and commentary it put the movie in a better and more respectful light.
Negatives: Due to, like Star Wars, tv/cable have played it a million times and ruined its image.

War Horse (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Script, Scenes, Story, Direction, Surprising impressed at this epic.  I compared it to 1990 movie Chips the War Dog. Was amazing how many times horse changed owners.
Ton of  WWI scenes.  You learn alot of  the nationalities, living conditions, ventures during the war didnt know much about during WWI.
Negatives: A few things seemed fiction. When a horse is typical hurt/injured it's usually put down...In reality it would have been put down, respectively several moments in the movie.

We Bought a Zoo (2011) [3]
Positives: A few things were changed but based on a true story. Talk about "sorta" being suckered into buying property. Casting, Scenes, Animals, Story.  Seems like a
real look at what is takes to operate a zoo.
Negatives: Almost any and every true story gets change, which I really hate. There is a supposed early teen love plot which doesn't work unless both sides are into it.

We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) [3]
Positives: Actors, Script, Plot.
Negatives: Even more concern is the movie give's someone new ways to secure a bldg for an attack. I thought of Dhamer, Manson, Damien but they were obvious, explainable problems.
This kid had an original hate for life, for almost no reason. The word sociopath was in the reviews.

Wrath of the Titans (2012) [3.5]
Postives: Actors, Characters, Story, Scenes. This is a sequal for the remake of Clash of the Titans, but this sequal would have sold better for the original 1981.
Negatives: Because the 2010 remake ends with Percesus and Andromeda not marrying, so Wrath follows up with Perseus with a child thats not Andromeda's, which does'nt really help.  Although CGI works for creatures
only looks fair for gods. The climax of gods vs gods goes to easy and should have been more aggresive or complicated.

X-Men First Class (2011) [3]
- Positives: Fairly interesting story to a movie version of their beginning. Good special effects. Hugh Jackman has stunning cameo,
and awesome reply to both Charles and Erik, probably favorite scene in movie.
- Negatives: Opening of movie, you were not sure if you were watching X-Men 2000 release, but story was understandable.
A few notable characters were or became obvious but some if not most never heard of them. I thought according to comic books, especially the front
cover of Uncanny X-Men #1 Storm and Cyclops were the First Class. Although my friend Mark noticed as they used Cerebro to search out young
mutants for the first time, I missed a young Storm. Knowing somewhat of their origins via cartoons/comics, at least movie did show them but a few things
were either strange, unexpected or didn't work. The naming of most of characters is weak due scripting giving it to one person.
How sides are drawn between Professor X and his students, Magneto and the Evil Brotherhood is also weak.

Yogi Bear [3] (2010)
Positives: Actors, Script, CGI, Scenes. While I watched I didn't realize Dan Akroyd voiced Yogi, which maybe was 80% close to original cartoon. Justin Timberlake voiced Boo Boo, which was perfect from original.
Negatives: Story not straight. Jellystone Park, although obviously ficitional, based on its size I would assume is a national park so could not be sold by greedy mayor for development. Most cartoons/CGI voiced characters is one thing but there was no question by humans that about a talking bear/animal

Zero Dark Thirty (2012) [3]
Positives: Apparently is the CIA, several years searching and torchering Al Qaeda suspects, discovery and special forces execution of Osama Bin Laden. Reading history and reviews it seems to be TOO accurate that it put those involved lives at stake in real life. Movie was well over 2 1/2 hours long. Some very shocking moments with Al Qaeda surprise attacks. The special forces assault on Bin Laden's compound is what really sells the film.
Negatives: Although Im a history buff, first part of film focusing on torchering suspects and search for Bin Laden does almost hang on being boring. (SPOILER), Osama Bin Laden's execution is incredibly vague, and accoring to interviews else where on the internet he was called out by name but since the bldg/rooms were VERY DARK he is practically unseen.

The Zoo Keeper (2011) [3: Worth Watching Once]
Positives:  Positives: Stallone and Cher sold as the lions
Negatives: Negatives: A tad bit better selection of character voices...The actor for zookeeper was fair. The gold digging gf part was scripted too much
(she dumps him them comes back for him yrs later that makes sense)