A Team, The (2010) [3.5]
- Positives: Was better than tv version by far.  Lot of great scripted comedy. Quinton Jackson as BA Baracas (replacing Mr. T) was great. 
- Negatives: I was not a big fan of A Team tv show from 1980's, maybe it was too much action/destruction for a tv show. Though Jim Carrey would have done a far better Murdoch.
(Notes: My father was a Vietnam Veteran, probably why he liked the tv show so much)

A Clockwork Orange (1971) [3]
Malcolm McDowell does very well with "bad" characters. The title makes no sense at all but there is a backwards redemption story. What the prison does to reform McDowell may seem to work against a violent person but actually makes the outcome of pacifism become death or defenseless.
- Positives: Actors, fair script.
- Negatives: Strange title. Sadism, violence, anarchy.

A Night To Remember [3.5] 1958
- Positives: According to online facts the movie was based on both crew and passengers accounts and is claimed to be the accurate story of the Titanic.
- Negatives: Is was not discovered until 1985 that the RMS Titanic had split into two or more sections. So the ending is not 100% accurate. (But what movie based on true story ever is)

Abyss, The [4]
Positives:  Great movie, CGI, Actors, Script, Direction. Even the underwater aliens are cool.
Negatives: The only unrealistic thing is when the underwater aliens raise the sea floor wouldnt there have been some kind of tsunami?

A River Runs Thru It [4] 1992
Comments: My father was a river and lake fisherman so he took my brother and I many times when we were younger fishing, so this movie did a very good job of taking me back in time. So it had very good backgrounds, actors/characters. I think the idea of narration was the best movie invention even above factual points. Since I'm not religious some of it was fair for scripting.

Accused, The [3] 1988
- Positives: Actors, Locations, Script, Direction. 
- Negatives: Based on a true story of a mother of children. I guess is was changed because the public can't handle the truth. But the character Jodie Foster portrayed wasn't exactly a saint either.
(Notes: Possibly one of the most graphic rape scenes ever filmed)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective [3.5] 1994
- Positives: Actors, Background, Script. The plot definitely belonged to Jim Carrey
- Negatives: It was great for comedy but doubt there is a such thing as a pet detective. Good use for background and plot but I'm not a football fan. 

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls [3.5] 1995
- Positives: Jim Carrey without a doubt. 
- Negatives: Script and much of the characters. Actors were fair. Disliked the movie Cliffhanger so that tells you I did not like the opening of this one.

Adam [3] 1983
- Positives: Actors, Background, Script. Excellent recreation of the true story of the Adam Walsh. Including the real life people appear at ending asking people to look at displayed photos of missing children.
- Negatives: The sole problem was the scene in which John Walsh receives the call of the positive ID of the body. He was alone in the hotel room, his wife was not with him. Still would be difficult to watch for any parent.

Adams Family, The [3.5] 1991
- Positives: Actors, Script, Background. Actually a far better version than the original 1960's television show.
- Negatives: The actor who portrayed Gomez Adam was fair. Plus the story of Uncle Fester really confused the movie. That he as missing with amnesia? Also in the original television show he Fester was Mortica's brother, in this movie he's Gomez's brother.

Adams Family Values [3.5] 1993
- Positives: Actors, Background. New characters helped.
- Negatives: Weak script, Uncle Fester and babysitter/Black widow plot hurt it.

Adventures in Babysitting [3] 1987

Adventures of Ford Fairlane,The  [4] 1990
So many movies are chalked full of foul language and Andrew Dice Clay (fresh of the comedy stages) is no exception. But he does great with the character (which in fact is the name of a classic car), who is a combo of sexist and egotistic Sherlock Holmes wanna be. The music was fair at best was current stage of  rock music. Loved his solo song "But I aint got you".

Agnes of God [3.5] 1985
- Positives: Actors, Background, Script
- Negatives: Although it was a very good 'religiously implicative' movie, I'm not religious. I originally gave it 4 stars.

Air America [3] 1990
- Positives: Actors, Locations
- Negative: Although based on a true factor of the Vietnam War, Script was kinda weak using major actors.

Air Force One [4] 1997
Negatives: Highly doubt a rogue secret service agent would happen and the opening scene of a Russian warlord being taken so easily was not buy able, but over all great movie.

Airplane [3.5] 1980
Positives: Actors, Script. Other than a few early Mel Brooks movies I think this was the birth of slapstick. The script alone really sold to introduce slapstick.
Negatives: The plot of food poisoning and scripted shaky love plot between Robert Hayes and Julie Hargerty seemed more annoying then sellalble.

Airplane II [3.5] 1982
Positives: Actors, Script, Plot, Story, Scenes. Alot better than the first.
Negatives: Although it was needed and worked in script Ted's (Robert Hayes) depression and lack of condience for his past failures became annoying.

Aiport '77 [3.5] 1977
Positives: Actors, Plot, Story, Scenes. I think this was stand out of most disaster movies.
Negatives: Disaster story started late/slow as most movies do. Also what didn't look right for an airplane although it was character for the story that it was made to look fancy (bar, casino, etc).

Air Up There, [3] 1994
Positives: Actors, Plot, Scenes
Negatives: A few sports movies during the same year, (such as Blue Chips) had similar stories but this didn't sell.

Aladdin [3.5] 1987
Positives: Although Im not a huge fan of Disney this is among their great ones. Especially that the plot and story kept with the ancient stories. Of course Robin Williams was unbelievably funny as the Genie.
Negatives: If it was'nt for Gilbert Godfried the bird would have been annoying, side story that Aladdin having to hide his street image. And the obvious love story.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves [3.5] 1996
Positives: Voice cast including Robin Williams! Animation, applicated ancient/classic 40 Thieves as a plot.
Negative: Spite the fact it was not a theater viewed movie, sometimes direct to video still sells. Even being the third in the trilogy, it still turned out just as good. But maybe again the love story and wedding Im not a fan of spite it being the plot.

Alamo, The [2] 2004
Positives: Its about time the accuracy of the battle/death of Davey Crockett were told.
Negatives: Due to most people are addicted/brainwashed on the 1950's song and Disney tv series on Davey Crockett that most don't/never knew the truth. I think there was a more dull view of this movie being accurate where a hero version would be more popular.

Ali [3] 2001
Positives: Although it was a remake of  "The Greatest" starring Ali himself, Will Smith really sold as Muhammad Ali,
Negatives: I used to be a boxing fan vaguely. Pretty good for a bio of his career.

Alice Does'nt Live Here Anymore [3] 1975
Positives: Actors, characters, scenes. Movie helped give birth to the hit restaurant tv show Alice.
Negatives: As much as Im a vague Kris Kristofferson fan, not much of a story and fair script.

Alien [3.5] 1979
Positives: Actors, Wake up and Alien scenes, Script
Negatives: Like in most horror movies, the killer's (alien in this case) chase is boring/dragging. I only like kill shots and character scenes.

Alien Nation [3.5] 1988
Positives: Actors, Characters, Story, Script.
Negatives: Its highly doubtful the any goverment, let alone the human race would accept a mass populations of Aliens to live among us obviously visable (with strange habits and given human character names)

Alien Ressurection [2] 1997
Positives: Sigourney Weaver, thankfully. But even her involvement barely helped this one.
Negatives: Alien 3 should have been the last one. Only the aliens scenes were worth watching.

Aliens [4] 1986
Positives: Actors, Theatrical script. At least this one is worth watching beginning to end.
Negatives: Theatrically it was edited how the aliens took over the LV421...When it was restored for cable and dvd, it was fairly interesting but then again not. Honestly I doubt a child would have survived against a legion of them, spite being small. The marines were way too cocky, "never ever under estimate your opponent". Why is it two movies in a row the alien needs to be blown out an air lock, we want to see it explode.

Alien vs Predator [3.5] 2004
Positives: Plot, Story, Script, Scenes and of course the Aliens and Predators,
Negatives: Possibly a better casting

Alien vs Predator: Requiem [2] 2007
Positives: A sequal was anticipated
Negatives: The time period of both the first and this one is in high question. Because the humans being attack seems to be in our current time period. Where the original Alien series is in the distant future.

Alive [3] 1993
Positives: Actors, Scenes, Script. Apparently a good recreation of the true story of foriegn soccer players who (some) survived a major plane crash. After months trapped frigid snow covered mountains, they ended feeding on the bodies of the dead. While 2-3 breached the unreal treacherous frigid mountains to find help.
Negatives: Possibly too authentic as much as I respect and expect a perfect recreation.

All Dogs Go To Heaven [2] 1989
Positives:  Haven't seen the movie in a while but voice actors, plot, story were fair (Burt Reynolds voices a dog?)
Negatives: I think it was the animation that did'nt seem ok. (Burt Reynolds voices a dog?)

All The Right Moves [3.5] 1983
Positives: Actors, Plot, Story, Script, Scenes. This definitely had to be the catalyst for the future sitcom "Coach" also starring Craig Nelson.
Negatives: Although some negativity is relevent for the outcome of the football game, it is doubtful both the Coach has the power to blackball a player from any college and would forgive him in the end.

Almost Heros [2] 1998
Positives: Chris Farley
Negatives: Although Chris Farley was a rising comedian actor, to copy if not compete literally for/against a famous expedition is less than fair.

Along Came a Spider [2] 2001

Alvin and the Chipmunks [3] 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel [3] 2009

Alvin and the Chipmunks/Chipwrecked (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Of course the Chipmunks are the main stars, script-worth watching and listening too.
Negatives: Unfortunately corrupt music promoter Ian Hawke is a surprise return. The Island scenes/story is lame, though Volcano scenes are ok. How they end up on the Island,
is questionable.

Always [3] 1989
Positives: Actors, Scenes. The story would sell for romance movies but not if this film didn't have major actors.
Negatives: Richard Dreyfuss in a practical sense stalking/scripted to look after his girlfriend he left behind. (after a being killed in a plane crash as a forest firefighter)

Amazing Spiderman, The (2012) [2]
Positives: With only the fact it was based on Spiderman and they attempted to base it exactlly on the original comic story
Negatives: Horrible remake, missed "With great power comes great responsibility", so many things missed. Stop it with the remakes. Nothing can repalce the original trilogy with Toby Macguire.

Amazing Spiderman 2, The [3] (2014)
Notes: (My first ever Mother's Day off work by evening, I was amazed & bored enough to take a look)
Positives: With the death of Gwen Stacy was upsetting but was accurate to the comic history. Electro's look was too cgi but power was impressive. The Rhino outfit looked AWESOME! I was not going to bother viewing this after disappointment with first one, but I was surprised by this one. Not bad...Looking forward to ASM 3 vs Rhino.
Negatives: Sorry Andrew Garfield is not Toby Maguire, spite that Andrew does look more teenage than Toby where this reboot is going with comic accuracy. Although both movie series of course focus on Spiderman's super abilities, this one seems more invincible than TM's version. Major thing I also caught was line from recording from his father Richard Parker made that he worked on spider venom project that included his own dna so it would only work his own offspring (peter parker) that is a comic story rip from Superman comic reboot that was also claimed by Superman's father Jor-El that he made a serum that allowed Kal-El to leave Krypton. Also it was filmed before the LA Clipper's owner scandal Harry Osburn is treated the same being removed from power spite the owner and name ship (not defending Sterling)

American Graffiti [3.5] 1979
Positives: Actors, Scenes, Music
Negatives: Difficult to explain this, since this was helped pave the way for the tv series Happy Days. As much as George Lucas and actors sold the era the film represents it seems to have a darker, moodier and not "positive, relaxed, happy tone".

American Hot Wax [4] 1978
Positives: Music, Actors, Script, Locations, Awesome film on history of Rock 'n' Roll. 
Negatives: A few names changed, don't know why and few music performances could have been better.
Notes: Seems a great portrayal of the father of the words "Rock-n-Roll", with great music a real life oldies rock stars appear. He promoted many repeated concerts although the story says he never returned to the air. He actually moved into a smaller if not lost career shortely before dying. The real Alan Freed's photo appears at end with the appropriate song "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay". I don't get why Danny and the Junior's band name was changed to The Planitones with Professor Plapatto.

American Ninja [3] 1985

American Pie [3.5] 1999
Positives: Actors, Plot, Script, Direction. Film really sold reality of the life of high school teens pushed/rushed into aspiration that losing your virginity and scoring is a requirement.
Negatives: Jason Biggs as well as he sold his character it may remind you of yourself or others, too realistic. The physical roles of Chris/Oz and Heather did'nt work, where she looked 3 feet tall and he appeared 7ft tall.

American Pie 2 [3.5] 2001
Positives: Actors, Script
Negatives: They all ended up together again even though they all split up in distance?

American Pie: Book of Love [3] (2009)

American Pie: Naked Mile [3.5] (2006)

American Wedding [3.5] 2003
Positives: Actors, Script, Plot..From losing your virginity to marriage. Where did the time go.
Negatives: Some disturbing matter and gross scenes. Again another wedding film but thats the title.

American President, The [4] 1995
Positives: Actors, Script, Scenes
Negatives: As much as the movie worked on the daily life/business of the American President, the plot is and turns out more positive than reality. It really didn't work for past American Presidents to date, and as much as it might sound like it would work no one running for office would win based on being a widow. The film's script touched on the probable scandal of dating but it didn't twist into the negativity that those in or running for office with no doubt deal with in dating.

American Sniper (2014) [3]
Positives: Bradley Cooper, typically, gave a outstanding performance. Spite a few small inaccuracies according to History vs Hollywood website, his widow argues not enough to deter especially with Bradley Cooper was a perfect performance as her husband and soldier. From what the film showed seemed a middle eastern version of Vietnam, especially calling the enemy "savages". I don't think any film in history ever had a scene of shooting a child, but that's the way it was during Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam...It had to be done, specifically of them carrying/being a weapon against us.
Negatives: I am printing only two and they having nothing to do with my views of the film. 1) Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura have/had a problem with Kyle's book over defamation of a statement in a bar. 2) Documentary Director Michael Moore calls snipers cowards..whom help ends hostage situations. Moore is as poor a critic as Lenard Maltin.

American Tale [3.5] 1986
Positives: Characters, Script
Negatives: Not very good animation but CGI was in its infancy. I think it's foreign country background's didnt work.

American Tale 2: Fievel Goes West [3.5] 1991
Positives: Characters, Voice Actors, Script, Scenes. (Jimmy Stewart really sold Wyle Burp; Law dog loosely based on Wyatt Earrp) and Dom Deluise returns as Tiger as Fievel's friendly & very fat cat.)
Negatives. Animation seemed lighter but still not enough. Lot of close calls for Fievel.

Amistad 1992 [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Story, Scenes. (Despite a few "overboard" claims/statements of inaccuracy, it seemed the movie over all presented an accurate portrayal of the people and "ship" involved)
Negatives: Despite history's infamous memories its incredibly graphic if not horrific matters of slavery. Its like watching an extended version of Kunta Kinte's voyage to America. It is both required to know but not needed to relive.

Amityville Haunting, The [3.5] (2011)
Positives: Actually very interesting. Although most of plot for 1979 version has turned out to be a hoax though a few things were not rejected as to did not happen. This movie apparently
tries to set itself 30 years later and still push the claim its no doubt haunted and being sold again. But if people who have purchased the home following 1979 have claimed they have
not experienced any paranormal situations, then why was the house sold so many times. Most people stay in a home 1,5,10,20,30, 50 years. The husband of the family, with military
background, end up losing it mentally just as James Brolin did in 1979 version. The wife or older daughter rebuts "What the F*ck!" OMG that is a funny scene.
Negatives: A somewhat young male (w/military background) with wife and 3 kids move in and end up dealing with the haunting. Although the wife and kids no doubt experience the
haunted house, the secured military husband refuses to accept any evidence or claims by the family. This is VERY annoying for a script or attempts as a fact-mokumentary meets
Paranormal Activity.

Amityville Horror 1979 [3]
Positives: Actors, Scenes, Script.
Negatives: Once it first was released it became America's most famous and if not first haunted home. But over years/decades, claims has become to surface that despite what family portrayed claims it has become to believed fictional (despite that years before a family was factually murdered in the same home).

Amityville II: The Possession 1982 [3]
Positives: Actors, Scenes, Plot. An almost perfect recreation of fact in which the oldest son murders his parents and siblings but also claims demonic voices made him do it.
Negatives: Burt Young always portrays a bum in some fashion in every movie and that has always been a negative image despite his great roles and acting work. The script claims the oldest son and daughter had a incestual affair, but that was never claimed by real life person or law enforcement. But Ronald Defeo Jr does claim in recent years his sister was also involved in murders with him.

Analyze This [2] 1999
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself [1] 2003
Andersonville [3.5] 1996
Angel [3] 1983
Angel 3: Final Chapter [2] 1988
Angels in the Outfield [2] 1994

Annie (1982) [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Music, Scenes..Carol Burnett was the stand out for her character as the drunk and hated Orphanage house mother Ms. Hannigan.
Negatives: A billionaire during the depression and friends with the President?

Annie (2014) [2]
Positives: Quvenzhané Wallis was adorable as Annie and good singer. Cameron Diaz as Ms. Hannigan (ever since her Bad Teacher role, she proves a great villian). The remakes of the original song were fair. Seems they removed the word orphanage since I think they were replaced with the term foster care. Film has very funny moments especially with the song remakes...One kid's line "what does hard knock life mean?", the response is OMG (true, but) funny!
Negatives: Sorry as most are sick of remakes, this is no exception. I was stunned see Will Smith is a producer, but at least the right child was selected. Some of the songs, being new I really didn't understand. The kids "hard knock life" scene, the only thing wrong was there was'nt enough kids, maybe 10 kids would have worked. Being a remake is one thing. As as modern technology is definitely upfront, it was WAY TOO MUCH. Although the search for Annie at the end was benefited by technology, the eventual finish of the search was very weak.

Another 48 Hours [4] 1990
- One of Eddie Murphy's better films, a little better than its prequal. His verbal rebuttals are awesome!
- Redneck Hillbilly bikers dealing with a black man (doubt it).

Antz [3.5] 1998
- Postives: Good story, CGI work, and voice over with major actors.
- Negatives:  Spite his lead character, I am not and never will be a Woody Allen fan.

Apocolypse Now [4] 1979
- Positives: One of the top five elite Vietnam films. Very much reminds me of the stories my father said of his mission in Vietnam.
- Negatives: Honestly only at the opening with Martin Sheens what seemed suicidal dance or what ever that can be described as should have been a deleted scene. Spite in fact he cut his hands punching the mirror.

Apollo 13 [3.5] 1995
- Positives: Actors, Scenes
- Negatives: Im a major fan of based on true story films...As most would also state until this was done no one ever heard or remembered their story ironically being a true NASA event...I wish I could add Script in positives with Tom Hanks iconic "Houston, We Have a Problem" That was'nt verbatim. What was actually said  was "Okay, Houston,. We've had a problem".

Apollo 18 [3] (2011)
Positives: Its was definitely NASA meets Blair Witch. Many gave this a real negative review, probably due to it being fictional.
Negatives: Creatures on the moon are not fully focused on, reminds me of opening shots of Cloverfield creature. NASA and Government responses to astronauts is disturbing. Despite its a fictional movie, if were fact, where did they find the film?

Apple Dumpling Gang, The [2] 1975

Apt Pupil [3] 1998
- Positives: Actors, Script
- Negatives: Actually this would be considered stalking spite the teen has discovered an actual hiding NAZI. I dont dount and its the teens fault for suffering nightmares, etc if you wann learn the truth. Sometimes the truth is worse than lies or exaggeration.

Arachnaphobia [2] 1990

Armageddon [3.5] 1998
- Positives: Actors, Special Effects.
- Negatives: Would NASA really settle for oil drillers (even if they are the world's best)? They should have brought far more equipment, to assume their tools would work on a drilling site/material in space. If she is 18 her father's has no power over who she dates, this made it an annoying love story. The assumption the trigger would work once they left Harry behind on the asteroid to destroy it.

Armed and Dangerous [3.5] 1986
Army of Darkness [2] 1993

Arrival, The [3.5] 1996
- Positives: Actors, Script, Scenes. I think this is the only sci fi film Charlie Sheen has done, he sold it. Who the black kid turns out to be was a stunning surprise ending
- Negatives: The title does'nt fit since there is no space ship and the story becomes ironic that they are already on Earth. Ron Silver is always an awesome bad guy.

Arthur [3.5] 1981
- Positives: Actors, NYC scenes, Music. Only Dudley Moore could sell this character and his drunk laugh is iconic.
- Negatives: Spite he is super wealthy (just below one billion dollars) is he really stupid to sleep with prostitutes (I guess STD and VD's have yet to become public knowledge). With that money, no females are flocking over him?

Arthur 2: On the Rocks [3.5] 1988
- Positives: Actors, Script, Story.
- Negatives: How would his dead buttler meet his unborn son? How ever Martha is related his Arthur, first she says he is cut off from the money than at end she gives in returns access to the money, make up your mind. Burt Johnson appears to fear nothing at all in both films than is knocked down by his daughter she would reveal is indesrections (yeah that's real powerful man). Did Linda know he was teasing firing the new butler or not?

Article 99 [4] 1992
- Positives: Actors, Script, Hospital Scenes. What could be considered a serious remake of AfterM*A*S*H (sequal tv series to original MASH)  into a movie.
- Negatives: I dont think the term Article 99 actually exists but more a believed thought or unwritten rule among V.A. patients vesus those who administrate the hospital.

Are We There Yet [3] 2005
Are We Done Yet [3] 2007
As Good As It Gets [3] 1997

Assassination [4] 1987
- Positives: Actors, Script, Scenes. One of Charles Bronson's better films.
- Negatives: Why would the  Secret Service hide the fact a high ranking politician hires assassins to kill the first lady in order to help himself into becoming President. And that would'nt work anyway, since there is a VICE PRESIDENT!   According to Bronson in the script he researched records that the President during combat crashed a plane, injured and now is impotent. The next line out of the first lady's mouth is "Cal was my first lover????????????" Bronson pushes the Hawaii Senator out a window instead of having him arrested. And no one saw this outside, but they tell the press he died of an illness.. The JFK Assassination claiming Oswald did it alone is more believeable. Possibly the only film about politics, D.C. or the White House without an actor portraying a President.

Assault on Precinct 13 [3] 2005

Atticus Institute, The [3.5] (2015)
Positives: Sometimes a mockumentary looks so good you swear its a true event or story, this is no exception. Even in the beginning its idea of understanding or filming of telekinesis was interesting. When the woman began speaking voices it was mediate you realized it's not power of brain she was possessed by a demon. It was both interesting and laughable the government attempted to control "it"
Negative: This not being a true event ruins factual cases, mockumentaries do this. selling themselves spite their great idea of content. How do you cut open a frog and get its heart beating (spite everything in movies are fake). I said it in the positives but Im repeating it, it was laughable the government attempted to control it.

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery [3.5] 1997
Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me [3.5] 1999
Austin Powers in Gold Member [3.5] 2002
Auto Focus [3] 2002

AVATAR [3] 2009
Positives: Not sure on this. CGI I guess and story (?).
Negatives: I can't believe Kevin Costner did not sue this film. It was an exact copy of the script of his Dances with Wolves. But it did give the film a story.

Avenging Angel [2] 1985

Avengers, The (2012) [3]
Positives: A rarity of combining the original actors from each movie (Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man) but that was actual idea in the first place. Great action scenes. Good comical (comedy
that is) script.
Negatives: I know the idea is from the original comics for their egos to not get along at first and their were comics that actually had them fight each other over who was better. The movie did follow those
story backgrounds but it really was'nt needed, because honestly it hindered watching it. The primary enemy or antagonist "Loki" was honestly weak. Especially when Hulk grabs and slams him several times.

Babe, The [4] 1992
- Positives: Actors, Scenes, Script, Historic Accuracy. NO ONE could have done this better than John Goodman. He was was the perfect Babe Ruth. Whether or not the kid returning as an adult at the end really happened it was respectfuly, really liked that.  Whether or not he did make the legendary homerun call remains a myth and mystery, it was among the hundreds of feats that made him.
- Negatives: John Goodman said they produced this film to fast and he did not like it's finished product. Spite its his nickname, the film should have been called something else.

Babe [1] 1995
Babe Ruth Story, The [1] 1948
Baby Boom [3] 1987
Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend [3] 1985

Baby's Day Out [3.5] 1994
- Positives: Funny, Adventureous, Script, Scenes. The kidnappers were casted great.
- Negatives: The dangerous places this baby contiously thru fim is both funny and nerve racking. The parents needed to be recasted. But the nanny was young Cynthia Nixon.

Back to School [4] 1986
- Positives: Actors, School scenes. Rodney Dangerfield is as always hilarious.
- Negatives: As a kid, Thorton's father is very verbal about getting an education so the script allows him to become lucky and run a succesful clothing store without an education? His son Jason needed recasting. William Zabka (best known as the rival in Karate Kid) was I think overcasted as a rival for Jason and did not give Zabka a stronger script. The make out scene between Terry Ferrell and Keith Gordon was way off balance, she seemed 6 inches taller than him. I still doubt a University would allow him to become a student by buying his way in with bldg addition, but thats movie scripts.

Back to the Future (1985) [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Story/Script. Biff Tannen was a great bully/gang leader, villian and even his mis-wording phrases scripted very well.
Negatives: Spite its about time travel and the plot of seeing your parents young but possibly causing them not to meet is the love story. Im not a fan of love story with the exception of possibly 2-3 films. The love story didnt work for me here. Too much foul language from Michael J. Fox, didnt need any of it! They also did not need someone else to re-record Marty's rendition of Johnny B, Goode, Im sure he would have sold it. Because whom ever did re-record it, ugh.

Back to the Future II (1989) [4]
Positives: The future script, scenes and objects have timelessly sold this film. Especially now that it is the year 2015 everyone is awaiting the film's future preditions. One of the very nice things that isn't pointed out is that Doc returned from 2015 to inform Marty his future is'nt that great and wanted to fix it.
Negatives: Im awaiting a youtube group called Cinema Sins/Everything Wrong with to attack this film. I bet they are thinking they dont know where to begin. But one quick sin was obvious at then ending when Doc is struck by a bolt of lightning and sent back in time to 1885. The Delorian was flying still, not racing or moving so I thought he needed to drive the engine to 88mph to activate the time travel.

Back to the Future Part III (1990) [4]
Positives: Actors, Script, Scenes..Honestly a fair ending for the trilogy. When Marty calls Buford an a**hole after his ten count was funny/great sell. I really LOL when Doc Brown falls on the table after one drink. At least the foul language was limited compared to Part 2.
Negatives: Reaching part 3 in this trilogy you've obviously realized it's the same Hollywood backlot town. "Doc I thought Id never see you again...Doc replied "you cant keep a good scientist down"...How the hell did he build a futuristic train that flies and times travel in the old west.

BackBeat [3] 1994
BackDraft [2] 1991
Bad News Bears [3.5]  1976
Bad News Bears in Breaking Training [3] 1977
Bad News Bears Go To Japan [2] 1978
Bad Santa [3] 2003

Bad Teacher (2011) [3]
Positives: Very much an adult movie (like remaking Billy Bob Thorton's Bad Santa into a teacher). Funny if not weird, pretty good script, fair casting. Also
clips from major school movies.
Negatives: This was almost a 3.5, but I took it personal with the teacher telling male students they would never succeed with a female student for
(mostly) how they dressed (that did'nt happen to me but no teacher has the right to talk to students about lack of better word dating) (In real life)
She definitely would not have gotten away with what she did or said to anyone on school property.

Ballad of Cable Hogue, The (1970) [4]
Positives: Definitely one of Sam Peckinpah's BEST westerns. Great cast, story, direction, production, script. Should have been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. Jason Robards sold a character of a man, left for dead in the middle of the desert, finds water, builds an oasis and gains then friends. One of the key character's name will be seen again in 1978 Convoy, "Reverend Joshua Dunland Sloane, Church of the Wayfairing Stranger" (whom here is played by David Warner then later vaguely used/named by Donnie Fritt's in the Jesus Freaks bus in Convoy). Stunning ending but respectful.
Negatives: Surprising sexual material for a Sam Peckinpah western, but then again it makes more sense it via a prostitute (a very young Stella Stevens). But David Warner's priest took far too much sexual liberty (shocked it was permitted on film, especially a priest).

Barrens, The (2012 [3]
Positives: Great recreation of the alledgly legendary origin on the infamous "Jersey Devil" creature. IMDB lists filming location in Canada, but its well filmed for its dense forestry. Father suffering from rabies, from a previous dog bite, really sold.
Negatives: Who ever heard of a camp site you had to sign in (like a bldg's security desk). Actors were fair. Now, the Jersey Devil has only been claimed to have been seen (same as for aliens, bigfoot and ghosts; which Im a major believer in, so that is why I took a close look at this movie) is real life, looked like a large black lion with wings. Most historic describtions say its small or thin. And NEVER in its legendary history has there ever been a reported attack. That's why  a horror movie would not work for it.

Barbarella [3] 1968

Barbarians at the Gate [4] 1993
- Positives: Based on a true story, Actors, Scenes, Script. James Garner was awesome, seemed like a foul mouthed Donald Trump. Real interesting perspective of how corporate greed and take overs.
- Negatives: Way to much foul language, especially from James Garner..Really was'nt neccessary.  

Basic [3] 2003
Basic Instinct [3.5] 1992
- Positives: Actors, Story...If your a fan of sexual material this is it (Im not). But a good detective film.
- Negatives: Spite the story, this among makes the top ten for multiple iconic sex scenes.

Basketball Diaries, The [3] 1995
- Positives: Leonardo Dicaprio really sells the downfall of a high school backetball drop in the abyss of drugs. I think this is based on a true story.
- Negatives: Spite plot is about drugs uaage, it contains gross drug scenes. Very difficult to watch.

Basic [3] 2003

Batman [3] 1966
- Positives: Just a movie version of the 1960's television series. Stars everyone from the iconic series. Good story.
- Negatives: If you did'nt like the 1960's live action series then you won't like this either. VERY CHEESY.

Batman [3.5] 1989
- Positives: Actors, Story, Script, Scenes, Production...Everyone brought their A game for each character. Especially Jack Nicholson's Joker.
- Negatives: How he trained to fight not shown...Not a fan of Kim Basinger...I didn't see any relevance of her spite her attempting to be a reporter.

Batman and Robin [3] 1997
- Positives: Some Actors, Story and some script. George Clooney was slammed as Batman but I think he did okay, I couldnt tell difference between him and Keaton.
- Negatives: Very cheesy production, Who picked Arnold Schwartzenegger to be Mr. Freeze? And Bane is given a low henchmen here character where he is major in the comics (at least he is given star status in a future Batman film). Not a bad pick for Alicia Silverstone for Barbara/Bat Girl (But she is re-written as Alfred the Butler's niece, where cartoons and comics she is Commishioner Gordon's daughter)

Batman Begins [3.5] 2005
- Positives: Story, Production...How he became Batman (besides why) is finally shown...Follows comic history alot more and its given high critical review for it. Michael Caine was a great Alfred as well as Lucian Fox by Morgan Freeman fit as well.
- Negatives: Critics and fans complained on George Clooney and Val Kilmer. Well Im don't think Christopher Nolan sold either. So I have a few casting problems. 

Batman Forever [3.5] 1995
- Positives: Batman and Robin are finally put together...Actors, story, script, scenes...Tommy Lee Jones (2 Face) and Jim Carrey's (The Riddler) went over board but sold their villians! 
- Negatives: Forever as a title? In a sence since Robin was in comics and cartoons stated as a ward or heir to Bruce Wayne's estate. Val Kilmer just barely sold Batman, compared to George Clooney.

Batman: Mask of the Fantasm [3] 1993

Batman Returns [3.5] 1992
- Positives: Actors, Script, Story, Production. Every is back (except of course Jack as Joker). Danny Devito and Michelle Pfiffer were awesome as their respeced villians. At least villian was given back stories.
- Negatives: Penguins death, didnt sell really at all. Spite his villian character being a power mogel, Max Shreck didnt fit. Penguin has his men kidnap children (the parents actually left all those childen home alone?)

Batteries Not Included [3.5] 1987
- Positives: Story, Script, Actors. The major actors at least sold this one.
- Negatives: One of the most minor alien films ever made. Tiny flying saucer robots? The slum apt bldg fit the story but there should have been more.

Battle for the Planet of the Apes [3.5] 1973
- Positives:  Script, Production. The final chapter to Apes saga. The best scene in film is when it's revealed the ape child fell and was hurt/died at the hands of another ape. "Ape has killed ape" (repeatedly)...."What's with them?....I think you might say, they just joined the human race".
- Negatives: Weak background scenes which only used Los Angelos as a background rather state/claim the world as a background following the events of apparent WWIII. But if the apes began taking over how did the human's still manage a world ending war.

Battleship (2012) [3]
Positives: Actors, scenes, story. CGI for the most part was ok. The board game "look" and premise would eventually make its way on screen toward ending. The enemy alien ships and way they attacked were impressive,
but individual aliens and their "suits" were cheesy if not common looking. The Navy ships, uniforms and scripting looked authentic. It was said the alien ships looked and acted like Transformers, well I would agree they
acted very much like Decepticons.
Negatives: Although it was scripted a bratty and apparently egotistical Tom Cruise type of character "Hopper" worked and hindered script and story. Althpugh it was never scripted or said on screen, the board game and
commercials "Battleship" the family members would say "you sunk my battleship".  Well I think it would have really worked when the Navy does strike their ships, so it could have been scripted "We sunk their battleship!"

Beast Master [3.5] 1982
- Positives: Marc Singer and Tonya Roberts and Singer's animal telepathy sold this film. Story, Script, Scenes, Production

Beast Master 2 Through the Portal of Time [1] 1991

Beat Street [4] 1984
- Positives: Music, Dancing, NYC Scenes, Script, Story, Production. Performance by title song's writer/performer Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
- Negative: Spite it was scripted for the story and song, it was disturbing to see a father and husband die needlessly chasing a rival (punk) spray tagger.

Beavis and Butthead Do America [4] 1996
- Positives: Animation, Script, Story, Voices
- Negatives:  Spite the fact the plot they are idiots, its what also what makes it annoying. No security in the Hoover Dam control room? Where was the Secret Service when Butthead finds Chelsea Clinton?

Bebe's Kids [2] 1992
Beethhoven [2] 1992

BeetleJuice [3.5] 1988
- Postives: Actors, Script, Production. Many absolutely hilarous scenes spite being a dark film about the dead.There's been news about a sequal
- Negatives: What kind of name and or title is Beetlejuice, especially for crazy demon. And you have to say his name 3 times? He's either the size of a bug or human size? The family that buys the house following the young couple's demise are even stranger than Beetlejuice.
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Neilson [3] 2006

Beneath the Planet of the Apes [3.5] 1970
- Positives: Actors, Production. At least Charlton Heston made a cameo as well as most of the ape characters and actors. An Ironic Interesting climatic finish which becomes the second of a five film series.
- Negatives: Majority of script and some story that involves human survivors of a nuclear war fall out. Then why were'nt the humans in first film affected or could talk if these could and have telepathic abilities.

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas [3.5] 1982
- Positives: Major Actors, Music, Production. Allegely this is a based on a true story, spite this is probably based on the Nevada whorehouses.
- Negative: Ironically spite a ton of lingera clothing and in bed scenes there is'nt really any sexual material on screen.

Best of the Best 2 [1] 1993
Ben Hur [3.5] 1959
Benji The Hunted [2] 1987

Beverly Hillbillies, The [4] 1993
- Positives: Casted Actors, Script, Production. Honestly one of the better remakes of a television show or film. Jim Varney really sold as Jed Clampett as did most everyone casted. Even a mentioned cameo of inviting The Clintons (President in early 1990s) since they were from Arkansas.
- Negatives: The theme song should have been played as the Flatt & Scruggs version. Spite Buddy Ebson made a cameo has other major tv role Barnaby Jones, it should have been something related to the family. Where did the ape and female during the wedding come from at the end?

Beverly Hills Cop [3.5] 1984
- Postitives: Actors, Characters, Script, Music., Locations
- Negatives:  Yes this is Eddie Murphy's break out role but still seems green as an actor to me. Poor scripted villians.

Beverly Hills Cop 2 [4] 1987
- Positives: Actors, Characters, Music, Script, Story...A far better story than the first film. The Police Chief villian was ironically a better villian the the actual crime villian.
- Negatives: Some locations and outside lighting was poor. Spite a somewhat more powerful villian he really still again didnt have physicial involvement of the crime.

Beverly Hills Cop 3 [2] 1994
- Positives: Only Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold. Production, some script.
- Negatives: Actors, Story and most of other characters. Very poor sequal. 

Beverly Hills Ninja [1] 1997
Beyond the Mat [3] 2000

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure [4] 1979
- Positives: Actors, Story, Script, Production. A very good sequal.
- Negatives: Captain Mike Turner claims salvage rights on an ocean liner, doubt thats legal especially before survivors are found or company thats own the ship arrives to see if the ship can be salvaged. Its curious if Plutoniom in the containers would explode without being devices or other chemical applications. A blind man character if this sequal doesnt appear or mentioned in first film. I also dont think two people could use one aqua lungs especially being amateurs but if its your only way out of a disaster situation.

Bible in the Beginning, The [4] 1966
- Positives: The most "by the book" accurate story/script Ive ever seen in film history especially being from the legendary bible. A few major actors and production design.
- Negatives: It would have sold better it an all star cast and broadcasted during holidays like The Ten Commandments is.  Still I think this should get the same attention as TC.

Bicentennial Man [3.5] 1999
- Positives: Actors, Story, Production. One of Robin Williams best films. 
- Negatives: Spite adversary family members giving the robot a hard time they sold as villians. The early start with the family interactive problems didnt work/sell very well needed to be re-scripted or just redone. Its not until the end of film that in scripted venture he becomes 200 years old, so the title doesnt really work.

Big [3.5] 1988
- Positives: Actors, Script, Story, Production. I think this is Tom Hanks break thru role besides Busom Buddies.
- Negatives: How do you not physicaly feel becoming an adult in one night, how did his under clothing grow? There is'nt much law enforcement if ANY when the mother believes he's been aducted..

Big Bad John [3] 1974
Big Bully [1] 1996
Big Momma's House [1] 1999
Big Shots [3.5] 1988
Big Trouble in Little China [1] 1986

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey [3.5] 1991
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure [3.5] 1989
Biloxi Blues [4] 1988
Bio-Dome [1] 1995
Bingo [2] 1991

Birdman [3] (2014)
Positives: Very few times do I ever agree with what film wins the Oscar for Best Picture. As a fan of the interview show Inside the Actor Studio I can understand why this won for best film. Apparently American Sniper won for best editing, sorry Birdman should have won. I have never seen film "go seamlessly" from beginning to end without 'obviously' cutting to another background. It only happened once in this film. Michael Keaton was fantastic and really sold his character's depressed/washed up and apparently schizophrenia (even suicidal) career. One thing I enjoyed about this film was something it reminded me of the late great Andy Kaufman- the king of improv. You could'nt telll or was confused to what was real and improv and that was the script of the film.
Negatives: The schizophrenia actor is suffering from a legendary role called the Birdman. But the film needed a better title...The music or soundtrack was a constant drum beat that reminds you of being in an 1960's beatnick clup, VERY ANNOYING.

Birdman of Alcatraz [3.5] 1962
Birds, The [3] 1963
Birds II: Land End [3] 1994
Black Dog [3] 1998
Black Hole, The [3] 1979
Black Knight [3] 2001
Black Stallion Returns [3] 1983
Blade Runner [2] (1982)
Blade: Trinity [3] 2004
Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows [1] 2000
Blair Witch Project, The [3.5] 1999
Blank Check [3.5] 1994
Blank Man [1] 1994
Blast From The Past [3.5] 1999

Blazing Saddles (1974) [2]
Positive: A vague story of a racist town accepting a black man as sheriff. A ton of cliches and slap sticking old west television shows and movies. A list of a few great actors. I guess this was the invention of slap stick.
Negatives: Surprised this movie was ever released with the mass amount of racism and years before ROOTS, spite and as well as being a so called comedy. You would have to be REALLY BORED to ENJOY this and I didnt...Just never bothered to watch in full, it barely makes a ** star.

Blind Fury [2] 1990
Blob, The [3] 1958
Bloodsport [3.5] 1987
Bloodnight: The Legend of Mary Hatchet [3] 2009

Bloody Mama (1970) [3]
Positives: Legendary actress Shelley Winters portrays Ma Barker...A VERY YOUNG Robert Deniro plays one her sons...One of the rare accurate depictions (among many that are not) about Kate Barker and his criminal sons.
Negatives: Ironically, even with this version and others...According to other criminals that worked for her and boys, mostly claim Kate .Barker was not a leader in any sense other, other than being a strong mother figure and VERY controlling parent. So its difficult believe or truly know was she or wasnt she MA Barker that history or movies claim her to be.

Blue Chips [4] 1994
Blue Lagoon, The [3.5] 1980
Blue Streak [3.5] 1999
Blue Steel [2] 1990
Blue Thunder [3.5] 1983
Blues Brothers, The [3.5] 1980
Blues Brothers 2000 [1] 1998
Bobby [2] 2006
Body Slam [2] 1987
Bodygaurd, The [3.5] 1992
Boogeyman [2] 2005
Boogeyman [3] 2009
Boogie Nights [4] 1997
Boris and Natasha [1] 1992
Born in East L.A. [2] 1987
Born on the Fourth of July [3] 1989
Bourne Identity, The [3] (2002)
Bourne Supremacy, The [3] (2004)
Bourne Ultimatum, The [3] (2007)
Box, The [2] 2009
Boy in the Plastic Bubble, The [3.5] 1976
Boy Who Could Fly, The [3] 1986
Boy Named Charlie Brown, A [3] 1969
Boys in Company C, The [3] 1978
Boyz in the Hood [3.5] 1991
Braddock: Missing in Action 3 [3.5] 1988
Brady Bunch Movie, The [3.5] 1995
Brainstorm [3] 1983
BraveHeart [3] 1995
Break Down [2] 1997
Breaker, Breaker [1] 1977
Breakfast Club, The [3.5] 1985
Bride of Chucky [3.5] 1998
Breaken 2: Electric Boogaloo [3] 1984
Breathless [3] 1983
Brewster's Millions [4] 1985
Bride of Chucky [3.5] 1999
Bride of Frankenstein [3] 1935

Bridesmaids (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Even though and its the future of newer "unknown" actresses(other than Jill Clayburgh), seems casting was pretty good. Incredibly funny script and scenes.
Spoiler: Top LYAO Moments: Airplane, Gown Store, Wealthy Bridal Shower, and Getting COP's attention.
Negatives: From the title you might think its the lead actress who is getting married. But its more the cleche "always a bridesmaid never a bride plot", rather and better
a competition for Maid of Honor story. It becomes the story but annoying and probably why I didnt give this 4 stars is the war for Maid of Honor. Where a wealthy
new friend/bridesmaid versus a childhood friend Maid of Honor clash. It continued if not almost took over the story.

Bridges of Madison County [3.5] 1995
Bridge on the River Kwai [3] 1957
Bringing Down The House [3] 2003
Broken Arrow [3] 1996
Bronx Tale, A [2] 1993
Brubaker [4] 1980
Bruce Almighty [3.5] 2003

Bubba HO-Tep (2002) [3.5] Im surprised I this didnt get my attention yrs ago, especially since it starsw Bruce Campbell...Noticed it on Comcast Ondemand....Elvis and JFK in a nursing home dealing with a demon? Before I even realized it was Bruce Campbell, my god this actor did GREAT job with voice/attitude as Elvis. Script gives a very interesting storied claim how/why Elvis left show biz and family behind. A must see for Elvis fans....Crazy enough veteran black actor Ossie Davis plays/claims to be JFK (but not so crazy how/why).

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century [4] 1979
Buddy Holly Story, The [4] 1978
Buffalo Girls [2] 1995
Bugsy [2] 1992
Buffy the Vampire Slayer [3] 1992
Burbs, The [3] 1989
Burning Bed, The [3] 1984
Burnt Offerings [3] 1976
Bushwhacked [3] 1995
Butterfly Effect, The [3] 2004
Butterfly Effect 3, The [3] 2009

Cabin Fever [3] 2001
Cadence [4] 1991
Cadillac Man [3.5] 1990
Cage [3] 1988
Camp Nowhere [3] 1994
Campus Man [1 ]1987
Candyman 2 Farewell to the Flesh [1] 1995
Candyman 3 Day of the Dead [1] 1999
Cannibal Holocaust [3?] 1979
Cannery Row [3] 1982
Cannonball Run [3.5] 1981
Cannonball Run II [3] 1984
Can't Buy Me Love [3] 1987
Cape Fear [3] 1991

Captain America - The First Avenger (2011) [3]
(Notes: Yet another comic hero I was never really a fan of, didnt expect high view of it, but was actually impressed. I only vaguely knew of his comic history and even vaguely knew cartoon history)
Positives: Story, Script, Characters, Scenes, actors not bad. Almost a 3.5 (Very interesting ending!) The script really gave his pre-CA body a lot of heart.
A few mix in characters from Iron Man movies appear.
Negatives: The Red Skull origin was even more vague. There is a sudden/sad death scene (Not CA). From the trailer I think they show up him get beat up as a
scrawny runt of a male, that was difficult to watch.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier [3]
Captain Ron [1] 1992
Carbon Copy [3] 1981
Carnosaur [1] 1993
Car, The [4] 1977

CARS [4] (2002)
CARS 2 [2] 2006
Positives: Of course Lightning McQueen and Mator as well as characters from first movie and voice of Michael Cain. Also a few interesting  "CAR"
mimics of  Queen of England and grandson Prince William?
Negatives: Incredibly bad script, children would be bored a spy story if not as well the foreign languages. Was really expecting a Disney type LOL story
to understand, enjoy with your kids. Right off the bat and for majority of first half if not almost entire movie is a obvious James Bond story. Also Mator
learns and begins to realize the type of person he talks as, which would not be honestly funny but is produced as sad.

Carrie [3.5] 1976
Casablanca [3.5] (1942)
Casino Royale [1] 2006
Casper [3.5] 1995
Castaways on Gilligan's Island [3.5] 1979
Cast-Away [3.5] 2000
Casual Sex [2] 1988
Cell, The [2] 2000
Cellular [3] 2004
Celtic Pride [2] 1996
Cemetary Club, The 1993
Chain Reaction [3.5] 1996
Chairman of the Board [2] 1998
Champ, The [3] 1979
Chances Are [2] 1989
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [2] 2005
Charlie's Angels [3.5] 2000
Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle [3.5] 2003
Charlotte's Web [4] 1973
Charlotte's Web [3] 2006
Chase, The [3.5] 1994

Chat Room [3] (2010)
Positives: This was almost a 3.5 if not a film that should have been Oscar nominated. We all know what if not been in internet chat rooms. Imagine them for
real, you could physically walk into. Amazing script, and a few apparently new weird songs I found interesting.
Negatives: The description of dvd said something about a serial killer or stalker. You only pick up on it toward ending its (Spoiler) of the young chatters. He
he was pulling reminds you of a Freddy Krueger (Spoiler), makes people want to kill themselves. The ending is rip on Final Destination.

Children of Corn [3] 1984
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice [3] 1993
Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest [3] 1995
Child's Play [3.5] 1988
Child's Play 2 [3.5] 1990
Child's Play 3 [3.5] 1991
China Syndrome, The [4] 1979
Chinese Connection, The [3] 1972
Chipmunk Adventure, The [2] 1987
Chips The War Dog [3] 1989
Chopping Mall [2] 1986
Christmas with the Kranks [1] 2004
Christopher Columbus The Discovery [4] 1992
Church, The [2] 1991
Cinderella [3] 1950
Cinema Paradiso [3] 1989

Citizen Kane (1941) [3.5] I had to finally take a look at the alledged and so called greatest movie and what was voted in AFI's 100 as the #1 film, Citizen Kane. I won't say I am not a fan of black/white movies, there are a few good ones. The title made no sense and all I heard about this one is two things. It was appparently, loosely based on newspaper tycoon William Randolph Heart and the infamous Rosebud line that also made top's in AFI's great movies lines. Well during and after watching it, I started to wonder and become curious why certain films were picked for the top 10 of all time. It was story and structure. Citizen Kane did have that. Very lousy set of actors but they tried to deliver. For a movie to make sense wouldn't be a historic. I gave Citizen a 3.5, worth watching again. Not sure about purchasing. You'd have to watch this a few times for it to make sence and figure it out. The last half of movie was research into what Kane's last words meant, "Rosebud". After a while I began to think it was something to do with his childhood. His life became when he was ripped from his parents and that started with the swinging and punching the man with his sled.

City of Joy [3.5] 1992
City on Fire [3] 1979
Civil Action, A [1] 1998
Clan of the Cave Bear [1] 1986
Clara's Heart [3.5] 1988
Clash of the Titans [4] 1981
Class [3.5] 1983
Class of 1999 [3] 1989
Clean and Sober [2] 1988
Clean Slate [1] 1994
Clear and Present Danger [3.5] 1994
Client, The [3.5] 1994

Clerks (1994) [3 of 5 stars]
(Note: I had not even heard of this movie, from way back in 1994? Just learned of it while attending horror film convention here in Wilkes Barre, PA. Which included star and cast)
Positives: Good script, Brian O' Halloran delivered "Dante" at least with the perspective of total responsibility, spite closing the store a few times for non sense. It was amazing while everyone around him practically sh*t on and ignored his responses, he did his job.
Negatives: Most every male character was a total a**hole, very difficult to tolerate, have the same deals almost every where I work. I think that was the total point of the movie. No managers, bosses or police characters, except whom I think was a coroner. I read about the alternate ending and thankful it was not used. Um, also, spite a budget problem, the black and white filming was annoying but at least the dialogue kept it going.

Clerks II (2006) [3]
Positives: Again spite Brian O' Halloran's "Dante Hicks" allowing himself to surround himself with the same idiots from first movie, is now working in a better place with a few better people. Script is a near repeat of first, especially with the idiots but love interests are surprising.
Negatives: Why not one time for racial matters on the customers is Randal fired immediately. Why is Dante put in jail? Moobys is a definite rip off of McDonalds. The specifics that Randall question racists terms, well I dealt with this exact situation and HAD NO IDEA OR CLUE that a particular word could be racist if you never heard, learned of it or spite it being used as a nickname- it was racist all a along and no one ever said it was.Dante belong working in the restaurant NOT REOPENING quick mart with those idiots but I guess its the point of the movie, ugh.

Client, The [3.5] 1994
Cliffhanger [1] 1993
Close Encounters of the Third Kind [4] 1977
Cloverfield [3.5] 2008
Clue [3] 1985
Coal Miner's Daughter [3.5] 1980
Cobb [3] 1994
Cobra [3.5] 1986
Cocktail [3.5] 1988
Cocoon [3.5] 1985
Cocoon The Return [3.5] 1988
Cold Creek Manor [1] 2003
Cold Steel [2] 1981
Collateral Damage [1] 2002
Comeback Kid, The 1980
Coming Home [3] 1978
Coming to America [3.5] 1988
Commando [2] 1986
Con Air [3.5] 1997
Cone Heads [3.5] 1993
Condemned, The [3.5] 2007
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind [3] 2002
Congo [4] 1995

Conjuring, The [3] (2013)
- Compared to The Amityville Horror, this haunting and possession situation was downright CRAZY! Definitely a must see. What happened to this family and house beats Amityville by a MILE! But I think I needed a better movie title.

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes [3.5] 1972
Contact [4] 1997
Convoy [5] 1978
Cool Runnings [3.5] 1993
Cool World [3.5] 1992
Cop and a Half [3.5] 1993
Copacabana [3] 1985
Copy Cat [4] 1996
Core, The [3.5] 2003
Courage Under Fire [3.5] 1996
Cowboy Way, The [3.5] 1994

Cowboys and Aliens (2011) [2: Needed Improvement] (Notes: Deserves a 1)
Positives: Aliens were interesting looking, an off shoot of the Independence Day type. Both Cowboy relationships and Native Americans did act as they should
have for their time period, almost total untrust and aggressive.
Negatives: Not even Harrison Ford which was the only recognizable actor could have saved the script, story, etc. Very poor in many aspects. The title was a rip
on the classic phrase "cowboys and indians". But you definitely can't mix aliens with the old west, does'nt work.
(SPOILER NOTE: Climax scene is reminiscent of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.)

Coyote Ugly [3] 2000

Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) [3]
Positives: Released the same year as (first) Godzilla so I guess just as classic as any monster movie. The creature's outfit is not bad for an amphibious monster. Its screaming voice does sell. Story and script at least started and stayed with the creature rather than stretch a story to get to the creature.
Negatives: I guess character acting was not yet thought of, spite the fact its in the script "it swims and looks humans". The actor in the creature outfit swam way too human underwater so it undersold underwater scenes spite the fact it still looked good underwater also. I don't think I heard Amazon in the script but it seemed the river/water seemed to be sold as such. So why did we see only "3" alligators, or no piranhas. I guess because it would take away from the creature as the feature. It's (apparent) death scene was lack of a better word lame, or more of a human death than a monster's destruction.

Crime of the Century [3] 1996
Criss Cross [4] 1992
Crocodile Dundee [3.5] 1986
Crocodile Dundee 2 [4] 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angelos [1] 2001
Crush, The [3] 1993
Cry Baby [2] 1990
Cujo [3] 1983
Curly Sue [4] 1991

Curse of Chucky (2013) [3]
Positives: Always Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky. An apparent background story is given for his original killer Charles Lee Ray, but not much and didnt really work. Jennifer Tilly makes a cameo but becomes instantly confusing because it makes the movie seem like a prequel "Bride"...Alex Vincent who played the child Andy in first Child Play makes a "last minute cameo/confrontation"
Negatives: The story of why Chucky is/stalks this family really doesnt makes sense even though its the Charles Lee Ray story. You have to wait to the end of credits to see Chucky vs Andy scene. Although Chucky's demeanor is a little more vicious, his good guy doll image sucks even when his scars are revealed.
Notes: The movie would have worked better if Chucky would have stalked Andy's kids 20 yrs later and have a final confrontation woth him come full circle.

Cutting Edge, The [3] 1992

Cabin Fever [3] 2001
Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever [3] (2009)

Caddyshack (1980) [3]
Positives: All star cast of legendary actors, including an elusive gopher. Loved all of Rodney Dangerfield's dialogue! Chevy Chase's motivating a caddy into winning a high roller's scratch game.
Negatives: Spite the movie's memorable scenes were Bill Murray's inept gopher hunt. The damage to the golf course could have been far more spectacular and extensive. I definitely need to add, Im not a golf fan. But this was (supposed) to be (an alleged) classic.

Caddy Shack 2 (1988) [2]
Positives: The Gopher's back (voiced by the legendary Franki Welker), Chevy Chase (is the owner of the golf course?). Some major stars with their own versions of comedy and attempted golfing.
Negatives: It took 8 years for a sequal (I know some movies take decades for a second, but they needed more than just Chevy Chase to reprise). Jackie Mason I think is supposed to be a replacement for Ted Knight and Ronney Dangerfield but as sarcastic as he is just didnt cut it. Even if Dan Akyroid is supposed to play a inept mercenary, the voice change doesnt work, but then again.

Cadence [4] 1991
Cadillac Man [3.5] 1990
Cage [3] 1988
Camp Nowhere [3] 1994
Campus Man [1 ]1987
Candyman 2 Farewell to the Flesh [1] 1995
Candyman 3 Day of the Dead [1] 1999
Cannibal Holocaust [3?] 1979
Cannery Row [3] 1982
Cannonball Run [3.5] 1981
Cannonball Run II [3] 1984
Can't Buy Me Love [3] 1987
Cape Fear [3] 1991
Captain America [3] 1990
Captain Ron [1] 1992
Carbon Copy [3] 1981
Carnosaur [1] 1993
Car, The [4] 1977
CARS [4] 2006
Cars 2 [2] 2011
Carrie [3.5] 1976
Casablanca [3.5] (1942)
Casino Royale [1] 2006
Casper [3.5] 1995
Castaways on Gilligan's Island [3.5] 1979
Cast-Away [3.5] 2000
Casual Sex [2] 1988
Cell, The [2] 2000
Cellular [3] 2004
Celtic Pride [2] 1996
Cemetary Club, The 1993
Chain Reaction [3.5] 1996
Chairman of the Board [2] 1998
Champ, The [3] 1979
Chances Are [2] 1989
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [2] 2005
Charlie's Angels [3.5] 2000
Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle [3.5] 2003
Charlotte's Web [4] 1973
Charlotte's Web [3] 2006
Chase, The [3.5] 1994
Children of Corn [3] 1984
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice [3] 1993
Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest [3] 1995
Child's Play [3.5] 1988
Child's Play 2 [3.5] 1990
Child's Play 3 [3.5] 1991
China Syndrome, The [4] 1979
Chinese Connection, The [3] 1972
Chipmunk Adventure, The [2] 1987
Chips The War Dog [3] 1989
Chopping Mall [2] 1986
Christmas with the Kranks [1] 2004
Christopher Columbus The Discovery [4] 1992
Church, The [2] 1991
Cinderella [3] 1950
Cinema Paradiso [3] 1989
Citizen Kane [3.5] 1941
City of Joy [3.5] 1992
City on Fire [3] 1979
Civil Action, A [1] 1998
Clan of the Cave Bear [1] 1986
Clara's Heart [3.5] 1988
Clash of the Titans [4] 1981
Class [3.5] 1983
Class of 1999 [3] 1989
Clean and Sober [2] 1988
Clean Slate [1] 1994
Clear and Present Danger [3.5] 1994
Client, The [3.5] 1994
Cliffhanger [1] 1993
Close Encounters of the Third Kind [4] 1977
Cloverfield [3.5] 2008
Clue [3] 1985
Coal Miner's Daughter [3.5] 1980
Cobb [3] 1994
Cobra [3.5] 1986
Cocktail [3.5] 1988
Cocoon [3.5] 1985
Cocoon The Return [3.5] 1988
Cold Creek Manor [1] 2003
Cold Steel [2] 1981
Collateral Damage [1] 2002
Comeback Kid, The 1980
Coming Home [3] 1978
Coming to America [3.5] 1988
Commando [2] 1986

Conan the Barbarian [3.5] 1982
Positives: I just barely remember seeing this on cable when I was young so watched it again for a review. This was tailored made for Arnold. Actors, characters, plot, story, script, scenes.
Negatives: Funny instead of saying "god" he called his "crom". As violent and bloody as movie looks, Arnold does not over act with out mercy as barbarian possibly would, just as the physique for it.

Conan the Barbarian [2] (2011)
Positives: Actor Jason Mamoa was well casted for the lead, shows a more aggressive, hunting warrior demeanor more than Arnold did.In any remake story was slightly altered but fairly acceptable.
Negatives: Was'nt as sword kill shot gory as Arnold's version. This like Terminator put Arnold on the map but a movie like this was made for Arnold ironically.So I have to say, Arnold Schwartzenegger's 1982 version was far more entertaining, in all aspects except that Jason Mamoa had as I said a warrior's killer demeanor.

Contagion [3] (2011).
Positives: Modern remake of 1995's Outbreak, but a world wide view rather than just keeping contained in a small town. Spoiler: Loosely based on the Swine Flu H1N1
Negatives: Not enough attention of people contaminated, more attention on the CDC executives and tracing. Never gave a name to the disease.
With family members dying, not real emotional.

Con Air [3.5] 1997
Cone Heads [3.5] 1993
Condemned, The [3.5] 2007
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind [3] 2002
Congo [4] 1995
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes [3.5] 1972
Contact [4] 1997
Convoy [5] 1978
Cool Runnings [3.5] 1993
Cool World [3.5] 1992
Cop and a Half [3.5] 1993
Copacabana [3] 1985
Copy Cat [4] 1996
Core, The [3.5] 2003
Courage Under Fire [3.5] 1996
Cowboy Way, The [3.5] 1994
Coyote Ugly [3] 2000
Crime of the Century [3] 1996
Criss Cross [4] 1992
Crocodile Dundee [3.5] 1986
Crocodile Dundee 2 [4] 1988
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angelos [1] 2001
Crush, The [3] 1993 Cry Baby [2] 1990
Cujo [3] 1983
Curly Sue [4] 1991
Cutting Edge, The [3] 1992

Daddy Daycare [2] 2003
Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island [3] 1983
Daffy Duck's Quackbuster's [2] 1988
Damien: Omen II [3] 1978
Damnation Alley [3] 1977

Dark Knight, The [3.5] (2008)
- Positives: It's a practical tie of the better Joker, Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger. But Ledger's version is incredibly haunting. Ledger's Joker (both movies Begins and DK are comic book level versions of Batman) reminded me of Steve Railsback as Manson and Gein, incredible. The story never stopped to impress and/or surprise. If you ever wanted a movie and comic book to meet, they finally have.
- Negatives: I still found Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer the better versions of Batman.  Hard to imagine a come back story for Christian Bale's Batman now.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) 3.5
Positives: Has very similar if not copied plots from original Conquest and Battle for the Planet of the Apes which helps. The size and look of apes as in first "Rise" movie make it look honest/accurate. Their speech both thru sign language and few words also have a honest/accurate feel.
Negatives: Gary Oldman is an all around actor however in this film especially with hair style and glasses is stereotyped into 2008 Batman's Commissioner Gordon. Alot of human survivors spite the fact of a world wide human virus.

DaVinci Code, The [3.5] 2006
DaVinci Code: Angels & Demons, The [2] 2009
DC Cab [3.5] 1983
D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear [3] 2003
Dallas: The Early Years [4] 1986
Dances with Wolves [4] 1990
Dangerous Minds [3.5] 1995
Dantes Peak [4] 1997
Dare Devil [3] 2003
Dark, The [2] 2005
Dark Night of the Scare Crow [3] 1981
Dark Qrystal [3.5] 1983
Dark Water [2] 2005
Darkness Falls [3] 2003
DARRYL [2] 1985
Date Movie [3] 2006
Dave [4] 1993
Dawn of the Dead [3] 2004
Day After, The [3.5] 1983
Day After Tomorrow, The [2] 2004
Day of the Animals [2] 1977
Daylight [3] 1996
Days of Thunder [4] 1990
Dead Calm [3] 1983

Deadly Companions, The [3] (1961)
Positives: Maureen O'Hara is and always has been feisty. Brian Keith you would think is a John Wayne protege. Good story (Im not a westerns fan, but being that his was the first Sam Peckinpah director debut I had to watch it)
Negatives: First time in movie history you dont see a mother not cry/freak over death of child. The character of Kit (Maureen O'Hara) is treated unfairly by most everyone.

Dead Poets Society [3.5] 1989
Deal of the Century [2] 1983
Dear God [3.5] 1996
Death Tunnel [3] 2005
Death Proof [3.5] 2007
Death of a President [2] 2006
Death of the Incredible Hulk [1] 1990
Deck the Halls [3] 2007
Deception [3.5] 2008

Decendants, The (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Many movies that have either been nominated and won for best picture, most of the time deserve it. This one is one of them. Yes, George Clooney is a
hot shot male star but he really helped sell the role, script, plot. A few actors didnt fit but then against most did. I'll say one thing for sure, this movie will make every
married man appeciate his wife.
Negatives: In the story and script its heart wrenching to learn of Clooney's wife hospitalization and what he learned she had been doing behind his back. I usually get
uptight about children/infants in horror movies. The same thing applies for children and early teenagers using incredible foul language. Although their father
scolds them for it as well as the older daughter lack of better word boyfriend, it seems to become comical.

Deception [3.5] 2008
Deep Blue Sea [3.5] 1999
Deep Impact [4] 1998
Deep Star Six [2] 1989
Deer Hunter, The [3] 1978
Delirious [2] 1991
Deliverance [3] 1972
Delta Force, The [3] 1986
Demolition Man [4] 1993
Dennis the Menice [3] 1993
Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigalo [3] 1999

Devil Inside, The (2012) [3]
Positives: No doubt its's The Exorcist meets Paranormal Activity (or what's becoming a new genre: Docu/Mockumentary aka Found Film). Its claimed to be denounced by the Vatican.
Though that just gives it more credibility. Though compared to the original Exorcist, not enough foul language. One very funny piece of dialogue is mother that is possessed, she exclaims in
foul language: "You F*cken priests all you ever do is F*cken talk!"
Negatives: Something that seems new but also old that was seen in conclusion of first Exoricist is what's called transference of demon from one human body to another. Whether it is true
or accurate, it also is a rip or copy on Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, where Jason's evil soul is passed thru several characters. The movie's final shots were fair, which really didn't
help to make a climatic finish but then again was'nt bad either (very hard to judge).

Devil's Rejects, The [3] 2005
Dick Tracy [3] 1990
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star [3] 2003
Diehard [4] 1988
Diehard 2 [3.5] 1990
Diehard with a Vengeance [4] 1995
Dirt Bike Kid, The [3] 1985
Dirty Dancing [3.5]
Dirty Dancing II: Havana Nights [3]
Dirty Harry [3] 1971
Disclosure [4] 1994
Disorderlies 1987 [3.5]
Distant Thunder [3] 1988

District 9 [2] 2009
- Positives: Background, Story, Special Effects. The documentary style view was probably the best idea.
- Negatives: Needed major actors, character names, script. The aliens were seemed like a rip on Jeff Goldbloom's The Fly. The alien's sole problem was communication. It remind me much of Star Wars and other scifi characters that made beeping/clicking sounds and to some/most human characters they were fully understood. Like a foreign language film you... See More needed the sub titles to understand them. To run the story with treating them and the aliens acting like they were distute/homeless then forcing written evictions like homeless humans was absurd. There coming to earth reminds you of the movie Alien Nartion.

Django Unchained (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Script, Story, Scenes, Actors, VERY BLOODY. In my opinion it seems to be 1983's Scarface in slavery times. A slave climbs to status.
Negatives: I read a few black actors were looked at for the role of Django, I noticed Will Smith's name, he would have been better. One major negatives: No white man and no black man were have been permitted to be partners, even an abolishnist...The white man would have been killed by other whites and black man returned to slavery. I also find it ironic that Samuel L. Jackson playing a slave butler which condems Django being allowed to be treated like a white man.

Do The Right Thing [3] 1989
Doc Hollywood [4] 1991
Doctor Detroit [3.5] 1983
Dog Day Afternoon [3] 1975
Dr. Dolittle [2] 1998
Dr. Dolittle 2 [2] 2001

Dr. Strangelove [3.5] (1964)
Positives: Ive heard about this film over over the years and Im gonna be watching abunch of classic scifi films. Interesting if not M*A*S*H type actors, script with seriousness combined comedy (this may have been forerunner of MASH spite being 1964 and MASH was based on another book). For those who remember MASH tv serious, try a bunch of Col. Flagg characters and Col. Blake characters trying to prevent a nuclear war. 
Negatives: It seems alot of friendly fire during the American base under fire. The base commander apparently jumped or ignored Presidential authority and tells his soldiers to ignore rank and fire upon anyone approaching. George C. Scott character bitching about communism but the character "Dr. Strangelove" in a wheel chair seemed to be the true communist with constant Nazi reactions, spite that also being comical.

Dodgeball: An Underdog Story [3] 2004
Don King: Only in America [3] 1997

Dolphin Tale [3] (2011)
Positives: Lack/spite of saying close to the plot of Free Willy (child and a killer whale), since this one is a true story and that it suffered an injury,
its very inspiring and it turns out so authentic that "winter" the dolphin her self portrayed her self.
Negatives: Although the movie shows accuracy of its discovery of being tied up, injured, tail amputation and stubbornness of a prosthetic tail its
difficult to watch.

Donnie Brasco [3.5]

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark [2] (2011)
Positives: Actors, Story, At least the story of the creatures was told before end of movie and very detailed too..As for their appearance not bad,
but they could have been bigger.
Negatives: Definitely the finale with the creatures and actress. I would not have let it end or gave up like that.

Don't Tell Mom the Baby Sitter's Dead [3.5] 1991
Doors, The [3.5] 1991
Double Dragon [2] 1994
Double Impact [3.5] 1991
Down and Out in Beverly Hills [3.5] 1986
Downtown [3] 1990

Dracula [3.5] 1979
Dracula: Prince of Darkness [3] 2000
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story [4] 1993
Dragonheart [3] 1996
DragonSlayer [3] 1981

Dream House [1] (2011)
Positives: Seemed to start like any other normal family moving into a new house and eventually discover something is wrong with it....
Negatives: The plot, story, actors have give no real clue what the hell really happens, happened. Never imagined anything could be worth than Blair Witch 2.

Dressed to Kill [3] 1980
Driving Miss Daisy [3.5] 1989
Drop Dead Fred [3] 1991
D2: The Mighty Ducks [3] 1994
D3: The Mighty Ducks [3] 1996
Duck Tales Treasure of the Lost Lamp [4] 1990
Duel [3] 1971
Dumbo [3] 1941
Dukes of Hazzard [3] 2005

Earthling, The [3] 1980
Earthquake [3] 1974
Easy Money [2] 1983
Ed Gein [3] 2000
Eddie [3.5] 1996
Eddie and the Cruisers [3.5] 1983
Eddie and the Cruisers 2: Eddies Lives [4] 1989
Eddie Macon's Run [3] 1983

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) [3.5]
Positives: This was most definitely Bill Murray's Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers. A military version of groundhog day. At least there is an explanation for the loop. Really action packed, comedic where needed.
Negatives: Im not a Ben Afflick fan but I think he would have better for the role than Tom Cruise. Why Tom Cruise kept returning to a particular spot on the base is not explained. Needed more major actors I think. Um also the title, Edge of Tomorrow?, needs a new title.

EDTV [2] 1999
Edward Scissorhands [2] 1990
Eight Men Out [3] 1988
8MM [3.5]
8MM 2 [2] 2005
Elephant Man, The [3] 1980
Elf [3] 2003
Elvis [3] 1979
Elvis Meets Nixon [3] 1997
Elvis and the Colonel: The Untold Story [3.5] 1993
Emerald Forest, The [3.5] 1985

Empire Strikes Back, The [4] 1980
Positives: Characters, script, story, special effects
Negatives: As popular Lando Carissian was/great respect for actor Billy Dee Williams I found the Lando character as annoying C-3PO and Jar Jar (annoying every movie has them). Also I found awkward was a 3 foot character teacher a 6 foot human, "judge me by size do you?" (sorry in this case yes). I have no prejudice of midgets/dwarfs but Yoda is a puppet. The ultimate negative is the line from Yoda "do or do not there is no try" Um, no such thing as practice???

Encino Man [3.5] 1992
End, The [3] 1978
End of Days [3] 1999
Enola Gay [3] 1980
Enough [3] 2002
Enter The Dragon [3.5] 1973
Eraser [2] 1996
Ernest Goes To Camp [3] 1987
Ernest Goes To Jail [3] 1990
Escape From Alcatraz [4] 1979
Escape From LA [4] 1996
Escape From New York [3.5] 1981
Escape From the Planet of the Apes [3.5] 1971

Escape Plan (2013) [3.5]
Positives: 1994's No Escape meets Escape From Alcatraz meets 1992 Sneakers . Stallone and Arnold are a good tag team. I read Bruce Willis was possible to play Ray Breslin (I think that would have worked better)
Negatives: (SPOILER ALERT) Spite the plot is an engineer to learn a prison's vulnerabilities, this movie should be banned from being seen by real prisoners, will definitely give them ideas.

Evil Knievel [3] 1972
Evel Knievel [3] 2004
Event Horizon [2] 1997
Every Which Way But Loose [3] 1978
Evil Dead [3] 1981
Evil Dead II [3] 1987
Evita [3] 1996
Ewok Adventure, The [2] 1984
Ewoks: The Battle For Endor [3] 1986
Excalibur [4] 1981
Excessive Baggage [3] 1997
Exectuive Decision [3.5] 1996
Excorcist, The [3.5] 1973
Excorcist: The Beginning [1] 2004
Excorist II: The Heritic [3.5] 1977
Excorcist III: Legion [4] 1990

Expendables, The [3.5] (2010)
Positives: Now thats what I call an "All Star Cast"! Great script. Story was fair.
Negatives: Maybe a better title.

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) [1]
- Positives: CGI was expected for the Plagues and other GOD type events which did a fair sell for this "attempted" remake of the 1956 version that everyone has probably scene (shown on television every Easter holiday)...Possible attempt at a more accurate wardrobe, people and a few backgrounds of ancient Egypt. The 'Parting' of the Red Sea, okay as a child my father explained its more probable an earthquake caused the sea to be swallowed or "lowered" as the movie portrayed (but there was no earthquake). I think that's it. Oh, yeah, the title is the name of this event in the bible.
- Negatives: (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) As I stated before most everyone as I will compare this to the 1956 version. When I saw the CGI of the plagues and title of movie I knew immediately what this would be. Is it fair to compare it to the 1956 film? Well, I read online reviews before writing mine...Most all reviews do agree with my perspective. Including Moses a warrior/a barbarian who kills? Even my mother in law who is very religious was disturbed by that. Now the missing elements or changes. Um, do I have enough room or should bother to write EVERY MISSING OR CHANGED in comparence to 1956 or biblical accuracy.
(Notes II: EVERY MAJOR MOSES ELEMENT ESPECIALLY VERBAL IS MISSING. - The finale has Moses with a hammer and chisel creating the Ten Commandments...Spite a brief scene with blue burning bush and a child rep of God. OKAY ENOUGH, I BEG EVERYONE TO JUST WATCH THE 1956 "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" FOR FIRST TIME OR AGAIN. This was MOST PITIFUL EXCUSE OF A REMAKE POSSIBLE IF NOT INSULTING THE HISTORY OF MOSES. It teeters on a fight with Blair Witch 2 and Hook for worst movie ever.

Exorcismus [3] (2010)
Positives: There have been a few modern versions or remakes of The Exorcist. Make up and devil control of victim was realistic due to its always claimed a evil/demon or the devil will make you harm your family/friends while the entity appears to harm its host. Sorta of a spoiler: Alot devil controlled murders but ending is a non attempted copy of End of Days.
Negatives: Whether or not the movie attempted to portray a realistic demonic possession, it does'nt match the classic from 1973. But ironically 1973 was far more probably exaggerated (entertaining, gory, foul language).

Extremities [3] 1986
Eyes Wide Shut [3] 1999

Face Off [3] 1997
Fahrenheit 9/11 [2] 2004
Falling Down [3.5] 1993
Fame [3.5] 1980
Fame [2] 2009
Fantastia [3] 1940
Fantastic Four [3.5] 2005
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer [3] 2007
Far and Away [3.5] 1992
Fast Times at Ridgemont High [3.5] 1982
Fat Albert [1] 2004
Fatal Attraction [3] 1985
Fatherland 3.5 (1994)
FearDotCom [1] 2002
Fear of Clowns [3] 2004
Ferris Buehlers Days Off [4] 1986
Fever Pitch [3] 2005
Few Good Men [4] 1993
Field of Dreams [3.5] 1989
Fifth Element, The [1] 1997
Fight Club, The [3] 1999
Final Chapter: Walking Tall [3.5]
Final Countdown, The [3.5] 1980
Final Destination [3] 2000
Final Destination 2 [3] 2003
Fire Fox [4] 1982
Fire in the Sky [3.5] 1993
Firestarter [3.5] 1984
Firm, The [4] 1993
First Blood [3.5] 1982
First Kid [2] 1996
Flash Gordon [3.5] 1980
Flash Dance [3] 1983
Flat Liners [2] 1990

Flight (2012) [3]
Postives: Ironic watching Denzel Washington as an alcoholic/drug addict, where he was opposite in Malcolm X. The NTSB latter scenes describing the mechanical problems and how he attempted to recover plane by flying upside down were very interesting. I found it impressive he finally took blame.A friend at work, practically begged me to finally watched this, but she knew my views of alcohol and drugs, thats why I delayed watching this.
Negatives: Spite fact I have never gotten drunk or used drugs of any kind, I will count several errors. First is Denzel, girl and guy in hospital stairwell smoking...The nurses and doctors don't realize they are missing from rooms, no smoke detectors? Second, the amount of alcohol he was consuming: NO ONE COULD DRIVE A CAR SAFELY LIKE THAT.  I was stunned to accept John Goodman (among my top two favorite actors in the world) seemingly a good friend and drug dealer? When the two find him drunk and hotel room trashed, Goodman is called and gives him cocaine to sober? BS!

Flight 93 [3] 2006
Flight of the Navigator [4] 1986
Flight Plan [3] 2005
Flinstones, The [2] 1994
Flinstrones in Viva Rock Vegas, The 2000 [1]
Flubber [2] 1997
Fly, The [3.5] 1986
Fly II, The [3.5] 1989
Fog, The [3.0] 2005
Food of the Gods [3.5] 1976

Footloose (2011) [3]
Positives: Yes there are too many past movies are being remade and this definitely no exception. Everyone who remembers
the original will definitely pick up obvious scenes from the original. Major add/change was the car crash scene that killed teens
leading to the town's law enforcement of dancing. (Spoilers) Opening scene starts with Kenny Loggins Footloose although it
involves the teens that will end up in crash, ironic since original movie ends with dance that plays song "Footloose". This may seem
like negatives but it goes both ways. Only other song played by original artist was "Lets hear it for the boys".
Negatives: I could say almost all as I said in positives, this went overboard with just about every scene from original. Although one
song "Holding out for a hero' (originally done by Bonnie Tyler) remade by Ella Mae Bowen (I'm sorry but it can't be sung soft),
she just killed it. Although it was intentionally casted and choreographed this way, the outfits and dancing are over board with sexual

Fort Apache-The Bronx [3] 1981
40 Year Old Virgin ,The [3] 2005
48 Hours [3.5] 1982
Forever Young [3.5] 1993
Forrest Gump [4] 1994
For Richer or For Poorer [1] 1997
For The Boys [4] 1991

42 (2013) [3]
-Positives: Being raised on baseball and enjoy history, definitely had to watch this. I haven't seen the original The Jackie Robinson Story. For the most past seems accurate...Its practically ROOTS meets Baseball...
- Negatives: Its not against the film but I can't believe the unprofessional conduct my players and even managers of baseball teams toward Robinson. Back in 47, the Phillies manager constantly yelled "N" at him while he was trying to bat

1408 [3.5] 2007

FURY (2014) 3.5
- Positives: Very authentic, tanks, action, era...Apparently was based on several/combined true stories of tank soldiers during WW2.
- Negatives: One character you find will has a southern civil war disposition or behavior or maybe Im honestly describing his background wrong but, especially during kitchen scene, (disturbing attitude). Spite it is based on several stories of tank solders the plot is fictional and that actually ruins it...Similar to fictional story that claims to be a true story just for attention.