Gacy House, 8213 (2010) [1]
- Positives: At least their focus supposed to be a paranormal investigation of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Use of cameras, and other (few) paranormal equipment, room to room searching.
- Negatives: Where do I start. Where half of them acted professional, the other half acted like childish cowards. A sold claim of true story especially that they were viciously attacked and all found dead, if this were true to would have made national news headlines. Major paranormal groups like PRS, Ghost Adventures or TAPS would have filmed investigations them selves, if they did I never heard about it. Very little use of real paranormal equipment. A ton of cameras, probably just for movie propping, and 1 or 2 things like EMF detector and/or K2 meter. Each team member would have had each piece of proper equipment. Over all it sucked and lie as a true story and an insult for a real investigation. A total rip of Blair Witch meets Paranormal Activity. It was a claimed true story and compared to Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. Although the Gacy person and murders were true, this movie and so called investigation as a joke. It lacked a Ton.

Get On Up (2014) [3]
It seemed to be an accurate biopic, produced by Mick Jagger. Of course who doesnt know James Brown's music but I HONESTLY KNEW NOTHING about his personal and young life. Its really shocking. Didnt know Little Richard was a major influence. The man came literally from nothing, horrible parents and began his music life in jail. Its worth watching if your into history like me and enjoy music history.

Godzilla (2014) [3.5] (Spoilers)
Positives: Seemed they attempted to represent his size and look from 1954, roar was a bit off but definitely loud. His bad breath looked better than original. Also seems script had him tail the other monsters rather than humans and bldgs. Script for his origin stayed but also modernizing with atomic and nuclear locations/knowledge. Both 1998 and 2014 versions of U.S. Military helped were a plus. The bridge attacks on Godzilla remind you of the 1998 bldg hits.
Negatives: Spite Godzilla faces off other monsters (which is actually new since being the 60th annv of original, he was by himself) the creatures seem like a rip or copy of Cloverfield. The humans reaction to ending was strange. But its a repeat of what original Godzilla's always did.

Godzilla vs Monster Zero (1965) [3]
Notes: This 6th film in the Godzila series was known by a few others names (Invasion of Astro Monster, King Ghidorah, War of the Monsters)
Positives: Flaky but interesting alien planet contact story (you wonder where "V" got its story from)...Godzilla does not like to be controlled but when Ghidorah takes off in first fight, Gz delivers a strange dance or frustrated temper-tantrum "get back here!"
Negatives: The golden era of science fiction may have had interesting aliens and names but there costumes were pizz poor flaky/ugly. In the previous movie which involved a 3 way fight then 3-1 monster fight saw Goz, Rodan standing around watching Ghidorah take off losing and Mothra returning home...In this film, the aliens find Gz and Rodan in the same area (under water:Gz, incased in mountain rock face; Rodan), no explanation. The aliens take Gz and Rodan via a flying force field to their planet....Even though they said they couldnt fight Ghidorah on their planet, why couldnt they in case him in the force field lke Gz/Rodan. A sorta repeated ending for this film.

Graduate, The (1967) [3.5]
Positives: I beginning to understand why certain movie's were voted into the 100 list. It's amazing how many movies copied (barrowed) lines/scenes, so in a way it's out of respect or admiration for a film. I remember the ending of Waynes World 2 and they copied pretty much the entire wedding scene in the Graduate. But man, when I read the plot for this. I had to see it. This married woman literally just pushed him and he replied with no choice. I could partially relate. Great script.
Negatives: Possibly its era, backgrounds would have been better suited in 1980's or 1990's. It would down right ridiculous for Ann Brancroft to be throwing herself at young Dustin Hoffman, get a life although thats the story. And it's scripted for him to just give in?

Grease (1978) [3.5]
Positives: Filled with almost all star cast and if not helped push rising stars, the movie lived up to its era that it represented. Alot of great music from the cast as well as background music from Rock-n-Roll era.
Negatives: As popular as the particular love songs are and do respect their aspect for the plot/script/story as well great singing by the female cast I have bever been a huge fan of love story type movies.

Greased Lighting (1977) [3]
Positives: True story of Wendell Scott, the first black NASCAR driver. Always loved Richard Pryor movies. Shows how NASCAR evolved from Moonshiners out running the law.
Negatives: Late in the film, does show a montage of his years in competing in NASCAR but does not how Scott's problems getting into NASCAR just as he had problems with racism/acceptance in local races. Apparently Wendell Scott competed with NASCAR legends such Richard Petty. I assume names were changed. Also, is it me or I dont see blacks in even NASCAR racing today.

Green Lantern (2011) [3]
- Positives: They really dove deep into comic history (Notes: Which I though was rare although like Transformers was mix of comic and cartoon history).
A lot of outer space adventure, story and characters which were very good. Not a selfish one super hero view although it was supposed to be, it was
good script did not stay or end up like that.
- Negatives: Only a few things I found very different rather than negative: How Hal Jordon is found by alien is slightly different and the enemy character
Parallax in the comics was a Green Lantern turned into god figure where the movie it as a large cosmic alien sorta. I personally never really followed
the Green Lantern character but had great respect for him. Know origin from cartoons rather than comics. That's why I probably wouldn't watch it again.

Hansel & Gretel (2013) [4]
Positives: There are been several goods movies out lately, this among them. The movie's script really took the classic fairy tale literally from a beginning and turned it into a "Witchbusters". Very impressed with witch make up, script, scenes, actors. Spite that Gretel was far more adult with foul language she sold it.
Negatives: Again and Again Im not a fan of children being in horror type films, although they were not infants it does follow original fairy tale quite literally which is great but Im that actors should start as adults not as children.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010) [3]
Positives: Good story, characters, background, CGI.
Negatives: Many movies in history have sequals with part numbers but this is a strange title. It sorta makes sense after watching to lead into next
movie/part. I was never a big fan of magic story type movies. Honestly had to push myself to even watching all of them on dvd.
Will check out and rate final chapter "Deathly Hallows Part 2".

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 [3]
Positives: Interesting story and climactic finish.
Negatives: Only their futures I questioned. Harry was so popular he should have become a teacher at Hogwarts. And among the
male/female relationships who ended up with who I disagree with.

Help, The (2011) [3.5]
Postitives: Script, Actors, Scenes. Seems its supposed to be based on actual true accounts. I would say the toilets in the lawn was poetic justice and laugh your a** off even compared
to the sick pie matter. This would be a female ROOTS in 1963.
Negatives: Ironically difficult to watch for harsh racism and needed for equality between employer/employee

Horrible Bosses (2011) [2: Needed Improvement]
Positives: Cross The Hangover (backwards) with 9-5. Fair to I guess cool ending.
Negatives: Since I never worked in offices I can't for sure if bosses would be really like that, but we have all had our share of bad employers,
but being a movie it was probably exaggerated a bit. Took half  the movie for real comedy to start.

Ides of March, The (2011) [3]
Positives: Actors, Story, Scenes
Negatives: Probably needed more major actors besides George Clooney, Marisa Tomei and Phillip Hoffman. Though a dry dialogue, story has alot of elements that current "dirty politics"
aka scandals have surfaced in past 15 years.

Inglorious Basterds [3] (2009)
Positives: Although VERY fictional I can why it was Oscar nominated. Though very graphic and respectfully so, as well as an ingenious idea of how WWII could have ended rather than D-Day
Negatives: It is was'nt for some boring dialogue it would give it a 3.5

Insidious [3] (2010)
Positives: If you like movies on haunted houses, noises, stuff moving, paranormal groups, psychics, etc. Different excuse other than possession, as well as
not bad demon/ghost appearances.
Negatives: This is several rips on past movies with the above items listed. Also a poor excuse of a paranormal groups and equipment. Also very poor title.

(2014) [3] Interstellar
Positives: A cross between 2001 A Space Odyssey and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century...Story/plot take a very LONG and vague time to understood but it's moments work. The computer robot IS VERY INTERESTING AND DIFFERENT. Especially when travels.
Negatives: HOLY, 3 hours and 1 minute! That has to be the longest sci fi film in history. The plot that Earth is coming to an end IS VERY VAGUE WHY. The family material is difficult to watch, doubt any real parent would do what he did although how it turns out in the end is a supposed to plot.

Interview, The (2014) [3.5]
Positives: UNBELIEVABLY FUNNY!!!I If you liked The Hangover and American Pie films, you will love this! Some scenes were very graphic (actually as seem to go as far as bloody as a horror film) but are ironically funny)
Negatives: I have to assume that Kim Jong Un does not speak fluent English as film portrays (but never heard him speak either)...Also not as funny as film portrays since the real life one is angry at this film. One definite thing, you have to assume that NK government and its guards are not as lenient when it comes to searching and listening/watching people inside their own bldgs.

Into The Storm (2014) [3.5]
Positives: A much more extreme if not nerve wrecking jump off your seat remake of 1996 Twister. Seems more accurate to damage and wind speed that real twisters would probably produce. Apparently some NON CGI elements are true, due to the tank type vehicle does exist (can be found on youtube).
Negatives: As accurate as this seems to real tornadoes spite the obvious CGI effects, the tank's spikes into ground will not hold especially with the tornadoe picking up trucks, airplanes, bldgs, etc. There are several fictional/probable elements that people could not survive such disasters that are shown in this film even though real life tornadoe survivors do.

Iron Lady, The (2011) [3]
Positives: I have always been a fan of biographical movies. Was definitely interested in this one, due to growing in the 1980's she had just been elected to Prime Minister.
The movie contains key moments of UK history WWII, economical problems, riots, her problem as a woman in climbing the political ranks. Although Meryl Streep I guess
did a good portrayal: Leonardo Deparpio and her proved anyone can play anyone with Hollywood makeup. One thing during the 1980's was although Margaret Thatcher was Prime
Minister, it seemed either the news or the country made Queen Elizbeth II more important.
Negatives: For most part of it was the music, like most anyone movie a little music or major can work if done/used rightly proportional. But in this, it was blasted.
Especially during dialogue which hindered.

I Spit On Your Grave (2010) [3]
Comments (Difficult to simply rate with positive/negative): A remake of a controversial 1978 movie I only knew by rep due to its brutual rape scene. Of course Im no fan of such horrible matter especially when afternoon soap operas show such matter also. I said to my wife why dont we just skip to the revenge chapters. We decided to watch and if it gets to upsetting we will fast forward.
Well the girl being by herself in the middle of redneck woods, being a toothpick and vaguely flirting with locals. Things like that you bring the attention. Although she was'nt, women who wear skirts, make up and "flirt" expect a male to just stand there and take that. Thankfully Im married.
Anyway, the infamous attack scene, well Ive seen worse in The Accused and a few others. Being a slasher film fan Im into killer and revenge scenes. But were very well created. It stuns me how any female can psychologically and physically can place themselves in such a scene/matter.
The revenge scenes are truly awesome. You definitely need a stomach for it. But for its controversial rape scene: Death Wish 1 & 2, The Accused, Casualties of War and a few others were definitely far worse than this was described as.

J. Edgar (2011) [3]
Positives: If you don't know the history of FBI or Hoover (although most know by name/rep) definitely a movie to watch.
After watching I read wikipedia for movie's accuracy. It was announced Hoover's history of being "gay"and "cross dresser"
were questionable, movie did push this but not enough to be overly disgusting. My wife and I are fans of much of today's law
enforcement shows such as Law and Order SVU and past shows like NYPD Blue, etc. So its very interesting if not stunning
to learn Hoover literally invented "finger printing and forensics".
Negatives: As much as I respect actor Leonardo Decaprio, I don't think he was the right choice for Hoover. He proves
that with a ton of make up anyone can look "large". There is nothing online (maybe by witnesses or other books, but I found
nothing online claiming that Hoover personally was onsite or made "collar" of historical criminals.

Jack and Jill (2011) [2]
Positives: Script, Scenes
Negatives: Im sorry and as much as I tried to appreciate Adam Sandler he did a poor twin female (sister). A ton of cameos. Adam as the brother is only thing actually worked.
Something told I wouldn't like this but from the second I realize he was portraying his own twin sister, although a comical script, this one just plain (blows raspberries).

Jaws [3.5] (1975)
Positives: Script, scenes, actors. Sells to the end as they Schieder, Dreyfuss and Shaw board the boat. When the making of documentary was released, its truly amazing to learn the shark was fake and production really believed the movie would be a flat failure. The shark you swear was real! Alot of great script lines; "Your gonna need a bigger boat."
Negatives: Opening of girl being yanked down like a yo-yo by a 25 foot shark, giant mouth and sharp teeth was so lame but then vaguely shown in pieces during Dreyfuss' coroner scene?

Jaws 2 [2] (1978)
Positives: I guess shark scenes and Roy Schieder.
Negatives: Too many people scenes than shark attack scenes. Ending killing shark scene was lame. Shieder should have been burned if not eletricuted himself being so close to shark bit the power line.

Jaws 3 [3.5] (1983)
Positives: Not the matter of attempt at 3D but it did apparently help in body part shots. Alot of profile actors. Ending was sorta cool.
Negatives: Having killer shark in sea world type location was ok at best. Mention of baby shark?

Jaws: The Revenge [3] (1987)
Positives: Profile actors, return of wife character Ellen Brody and her kids dealing with shark helped sell. Only shark chase at ending using instrument to give shark a headache was cool.
Negatives: Most of movie bad story, mention of Martin Brody dieing of heart attack sucked. Although the gun shot flash back from first Jaws was cool and wife's idea to ram shark with boat seemed to sell. But the shark stood up in the air in the ocean????

JESSABELL (2014) [3]
Positives: Story, scenes-depictions of voodoo were interesting, Louisiana Bayou scenes, Shocking scenes & tragic scenes, especially opening scene- OMG! Ending is strange, who got out of the lake?
Negatives: The title sounds like "Jezebel" another word for whore or tramp which isnt the case in this. Scenes that involve the attacks seem to copy a Freddy Krueger suicide basis.
Note: This was alot more interesting to watch than Oujia (2014)

Karate Kid [3.5] (1984)
Positives: All actors, characters were great. Pat Morita sold as the wise old Karate teacher. Movie sells all the way to end when Daniel's training starts.
Negatives: It's obvious all enjoys the story of the comeback kid from being bullied (but not me since I am a survivor of bullies). Ending was so phony. Why would tournament final opponent Johnny, who is announced as two time champion, walk into a telegraphed kick by Daniel who is standing on one leg.

Karate Kid [3] (1989)
Positives: Interesting, far more and vicious opponents for both Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. Like how Terry Silver and bad student Mike played a fight with each other in one scene.
Negatives: Several actually, very little tournament scenes, only at end but story/script and antagonist characters kept pushing for Daniel to fight in tournament. We learned rules for tournament changed that Daniel only had to fight and defend title in final match. That would be infair to likes of first movie antagonist Johnny. Mr. Mayagi who kept replying Karate for defense only refused to retrain Daniel, gives in when he realizes is former rival Creese returned with backup. Mayagi takes them all out but Daniel does not get involved in confrontation. Seems Daniel would lose to a much more powerful fighter in Mike Barnes than Johnny ever was. The outside interference should have disqualified Barnes.  Barnes just stands there was Daniel begins showing strange training moves. Such a powerful and badass opponent would have figured out all that. First movie to not have a love interest, it's vaguely teased (he hangs out with a girl but she rebuttals to have a distant bf).

Killer Elite [3] (2011)
Positives: After reading that this was a remake of the Sam Peckinpah 1975 movie,  I could see Peckinpah's style in it (fighting, car chasing, etc).
Negatives: Even the critics, such as Rotten Tomatoes, gave negatives reviews. Plot, story and major actors needed improvements.  Even Robert Deniro
couldn't save it.

King Kong [2] (1933)
- Positives: For it's time, (I wouldn't have known this thanks to special edition disc 2) the almost new stop animation of turned out pretty good, but still not too giant. The backgrounds were also pretty good. Fay Wray was a good screamer, probably the inventor of it. In disc 2 of the special edition dvd they show a newly created stop animation lost scene "the spider pit scene". Very well done.
- Negatives:  Not a very good story, a movie director or producer is pretty much ordering a crew of roughnecks around on their own ship and they almost accept it. Were they top actors for the time, but if that were the case it would have taken away from the ape star. Although the 1976 remake proved that wrong.

Last Exorcism Part II, The (2013) [3]
Positives: Seemed to be a sequal, of course part 2, also seemed to copy or rip on Exorcist II (which was no where no a critical hit). This girl seemed survive/escape part 1 and attempt to forget thru therapy, group home and alledged friends. But things like this are never go away let alone forgotten. Infact as a copy of Exorcist II, the demon returns. So it's interesting to watch people try to help her, and for her to accept help.
Negatives: I knew almost immediately it was a copy or rip on Exorcist II but didnt mind. You might think a remake. But the only real problem I found was "HOW" the (spoiler), demon eventually got a hold of her. The ending also has a strange apocolyptic end.

Lawless (2012): [3]
Positives: Actors, Script, Set Designs. This was apparently based on true story. It was said NASCAR originated from moonshiners souping
up their vehicles running from the law.
Negatives: Although it was continously claimed true fact, the patriarch character Forrest was practically invincible. Being shot several times, throat slit, falls in a frozen link drunk, he still kept getting up? Maybe so...But difficult to believe. As corrupt as law officials can be and know if even protect locals. Who would they actually shoot or protect, their own versus the money of mobsters?

Logan's Run (1976) [3]
Positives: Actors casted are great for this one especially Michael York. Movie critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert said it had a vaguely similar plot to Planet of the Apes...Very true...Instead of apes it was computers. The guns used were interesting, not typical phasers. The old man and vine covered Washington D.C. apocalyptic setting really sold for backgrounds in the ending.
Negatives: (SPOILERS) Putting aside the plot that computers took over, made a dystopian/uptopia and demand everyone die at 30...The roles Logan and Frances are, are called "Sandmen"? WTF does that even mean, never explained...But their job is to prevent people escaping the entertainment of dieing which is an alledged lie of coming back. The entertainment of those dieing reaching the age of 30 is called 'Carousel', THIS THING OR EVENT IS DOWN RIGHT WEIRD, its literally a WTF scene?