Major Dundee (1965) [3.5]
Positives: It said Charlton Heston liked director Sam Peckinpah's work in Ride The High Country, he wanted to work for him in this. Spite a mission that forced Union Soldiers to team up with captured Confederate Soldiers in 1864-1865 Texas and Mexico, they spent more time fighting each other than the enemies around them which was the less confusing of enemies. One VERY FUNNY scene was when the Union and Confederate armies first set out on the Apache mission, the Confeds began singing Dixie. The Union turned in surprise they would dare since they were actually POW's. So the Union began singing well known U.S. glory music. So it became a contradicting duel of patriotic music.
Negatives: It was confusing who their enemies were besides the Apache group they were after and when that fight finally took place LATE in the film and that was quickly abrupt. Um, the Apache leader they were after seemed to speak straight English. End of film just as it was in Peckinpah's second film Ride the High Country had a not really finishing ending. You say to your self thats it?

MAMA (2013) [1]
Positives: Actors, Scenes, CGI was fair...Character of Annabela at least tried to be mother character to the girls even if she almost refused it.
Negatives: I have said to MANY times, "CHILDREN DO NOT BELONG IN HORROR FILMS!" Story was confusing at times including origin of "Mama/or what ever it/she was". Ending was not acceptible, especially as a parent to view. I don't suggest this film be viewed by parents.

Margin Call (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Actors, Script, Plot, Scenes, The name of Investment Firm was changed but wikipedia said its based on the fall of Lehman Brothers. I loved the movie Wall Street,
so I wanted to compare (but since I am poor at math I thought Id be bored). It was actually an interesting script with great actors.
Negative: But kinda shlot/boring if not tacky ending.

Mask Maker [3] (2010) (Notes: According to IMDB original title was Maskerade)
Positives: Although this has very obvious rips on 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacure and filmed in the original house, it was not bad for a rip or remake.
Fair kills shots and storied history to characters. Many rip scenes as well as scripted lines from Friday the 13th, Halloween, etc (the classics).
Negatives: Ending fair but would've worked better as an alternate scene then actual. I just barely accept reason why the "normal/human" characters obtained
the TCM house. The cops showing up 2nd to last scene, was clueless although there is a vague explanation.

Men in Black [4]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script. Who always shows up in a major disaster, possible UFO or commercial vehicle crash to clean up everything. No one could have done this better than Will and Tommy.
Negatives: Many aliens needed work, possibly George Lucas could have improved on.The bug, a giant cockroach fit into  the the skin of even a 6ft human male? Don't get me wrong, the giant cockroach was a great idea and the skin break on sold, but it's head was bent down like his head was between his legs.

Men in Black II [4]
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes. The statue of liberty idea was great in the end.
Negatives: The postal scene needed work, as I said in MIB 1, aliens needed some work. The primary alien uses a female model as host, yes and no. The equipment used to restore Agent J (TLJ) was so crappy looking. Was she his daughter?

Men in Black III (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Will Smith sold another good movie. Tommy Lee Jones does'nt have alot of long scenes. Script, characters and scenes. Climax of film does bring first Men in Black full circle.
Negatives: As much as Josh Brolin was put over as a young Agent K, I really didnt think his acting or story sold. The opening of film is more stunning then sad as well as climax is a bit sad. The story for
Agent K to go back in time doesnt really fit but that would be a major spoiler and major discussion if your follow Star Trek time travel philosophy.

Mommie Dearest [3.5] (1981)
Positives: From daughter's Christina's point of view it was said she is among the first (probably besides Jay North 'Dennis the Menice') to openly reveal child abuse among child stars/children of stars. Most of Hollywood's legend elite deny Christina's story because they never saw that side of her mother, however most of movie shows Joan Crawford's trial/tribulations as an actress with and without the kids.
Negatives: The point of the movie is the abuse that Christina and brother Christopher suffered, so it is a very tramatic if not psychotic series of moments with a physically, mental and verballly abusive parent. Both popular and difficult movie to watch.

Muppets, The (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Yes they are back and scripting leads you to story its definitely a sequal not a remake. The opening is great with the
Muppets concerting to major hits like Boehemian Rhapsody and an AC/DC song. Jack Black makes alot of what seems like
cameo shots, as well as Whoopi Goldberg and few other actors. Original Muppets scripting is incredibly funny. Especially scene
with Jack Black tied to a chair yelling to a live tv audience he's being held hostage by weirdos.  The old men "Statler and Waldorf"
Muppets say "now you know how we felt for the past 20 years" OMG THAT WAS FUNNY! The adult antagonist character, he
was either  based on or would give "Dallas"'s JR Ewing competition.
Negatives: There is a new muppet named Walter and although it seems to be the 1st half of plot, he ironically does'nt fit (which is
intentionally the plot). Also two adult characters love story is heavily plotted, again Im not a love story fan- leave the love story in a
Muppet movie to Miss Piggy and Kermit. The ending seems sad and how it's scripted honestly does'nt make sense.

My Soul To Take (2010) [3]
- Positives: It seemed like pretty good for a while especially being a Wes Craven movie. Even the description contained a Michael Myers meet Freddy Krueger made sense. . Eventually you think you know who the killer is, an explanation why it is happening is a pretty good story. But 96% is worth watching, thankfully as I said its Wes Craven movie.  
- Negatives: Only the killer appeared in a stupid costume. Although the opening seemed it was a demon possession situation. Fair kill shots but like typical horrors it drags to each kill shot. But who it turns out to be actually make no sense but needed "who the killer was" make sense.

NOAH (2014) [2]
Positives: Hmmm...Really gotta think....Ok the name Noah and a few of his sons names, a large boat was built and animals were stored....Oh and a massive flood. A few origin elements that are questionable.
Negatives: I hope facebook will give me enough room for this...
(Major Spoiler Alerts!)
- Rock creatures who were angels that crashed into the earth during GOD's week creating earth, built the ARK and prevented Cain's
descendants from taking it.
- Noah was going to kill 2 twin daughters of his son Shem because its against GOD's wishes? Isnt this the story (remake) of Abraham?
- According to the Bible, GOD talks to Noah, not in visions/images of how the earth would be flooded and how to build the ark.
- No mentions of 40 days/40 nights, using driftwood
- The amount of animals stored on the ARK SUPERSEDES 2 per.
- Overboard of CGI (flooding and animal affects)

Ok, have a question...If Adam and Eve were the first, and they had 3 sons...Cain kills Abel, Cain goes off and creations a nation of evil descendants and Seth eventually begets descendants to Noah...Noah and his family build the ark, saved from GOD flooding the earth to eliminate Cain's descendants...Then we are all descendants of NOAH?

Ouija (2014) [3]
Positives: The one thing about this that seems to be accurate is (since my inlaws's had a bad experience with one that led to the tragic loss of my wife's cousin)...Its supposed to be just a board game but its highly believed/accepted to be a portal for 'spirits' that contact starts positive with someone or thing but then it's goes down hill. Meaning you may try to contact a friend/relative but it usually turns out to be a demon who either is lying its into the answers or taking your contact's place. So from a movie point of view usage of the board is accurate and a few events are possible.
Negatives: Some of these movies that deal with spirits get physical, yes attacks happen in my variations. But physical contact with a spirit as if they were human flesh/solid have been claimed at times but thats probably more hollywood than real.

Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013) [3]
Postives: CGI did help with many effects, tornado, witch powers, light shows. Spite being a con man "Oscar" sold into something he had to become. Very impressive showdown as be becomes the official Wizard of Oz versus the witches. Fairly good script and make up effects showing how and why they become the witches. For a prequal It was one of the few but great ones.
Negatives: CGI helps and hinders movies for the work it takes to make a film. As hard as it is to probably program CGI it's also cheating for making a film the old way. Oscar being a con man and pushed into the expected role of Oz is a pessamist (very negative of himself) and continues thru out movies which is annoying for scrpt. The reasoning for the green apple didnt fit from my point of view, I thought that was in "Sleeping Beauty". Apparently MGM gave Disney a difficult time in liknesess during filming, not allowed to use "Ruby Slippers", slight differences in witch make up and "Yellow Brick Road" was straight not curving.

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) [2]
- Positives: Great use and visuals via stationary cameras. Sorry for the pun, the paranormal activity was I guess descent (especially the kitchen door scene, awesome).
- Negatives: NEVER USE OR PLACE CHILDREN ESPECIALLY A BABY IN A HORROR MOVIE. I FIND THAT UNACCEPTABLE! Too much family scripting and not enough paranormal. In the trailer you saw scenes of the baby crawling outside the house and a demon figure seen at the bathroom door (but the netflix dvd does not carry those).

Paranormal Activity 3 [3] (2011)
Positives: As fair as the previous 2. I also liked vhs cameras rather than today's digital. The second movie had a pretty good kitchen scene, but part 3
has an even more awesome one.  I would love to know how they produced it. Will have to wait for a hopeful dvd commentary to find out.
Negatives: I've said this a few times, don't involve children in horror movies. There was major hype about the final 15 minutes, honestly it was'nt
close to the PA 1's ending.

Paranormal Activity 4 (2012) [3]
Positives: Actually a are far better filmed of all the PA's. A handheld camera is used rather than boring stationary cameras. Teen girl has interesting computer communications. A paranormal moments are interesting, especially shocking light crash.
Negatives: Although it seems one child is the baby from ending of Part 3 and his activity if interesting, the kids getting out of bed constantly gets annoyingly redundant. The killings seem all the same, thats stupid. Ending scene the people appear to look vampirish..???

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2011) [3.5]
Comments: First, I honestly did not think I would bother to watch any of them. Reason being, how does Disney portray Pirates other than what they really are by definition. As I began watching the first it was Johnny Depp (who Im honestly not a fan of) who did a fantastic and sarcastic drunk Foster Brooks is a Pirate. Each movie's story did a great job of portraying the ancient Pirate sea stories and how legendary they had always been told thru out the centuries.

Paul (2011) [3.5]
Positives: Good script, scenes, comic use of  foul language. Lots of references and scenery to famous alien/space movies. Jason Bateman and Sigourney Weaver were only good casting.
Negatives: Casting, spots for foul language is fair but how it was written needed some work.

Premium Rush (2012) [3.5]
Positives: Although film takes in NYC, I reminded me when I was a bike courier in Center City Philadelphia called Kangaroo Courier (only for a few months in very early 1990's, I just checked the internet and they are still in existence)....The film's courier office looked the same as what I remember Kangaroo's did (from memory) but I dont remember so many bikes hanging from walls. You supplied your own bikes, fix your own bikes, kept in touch I think by bulky flip phones. Very fast paced movie. I think some bike couriers did ride that fast but very dangerous and illegal. It was a rule if not safe warning not to ride fast. Cops in movie yelled at him to "stop and walk that bike", I remember being yelled at by cops once or twice the same arriving at delivery bldg. Great story of humanity, friendship, very funny police escapes...Interesting bike and vehicle stunts.
Negatives: I would not have ridden a bike that FAST in major center city, very dangerous and unlawful. Money was not that great since I think I only last a few months (unless you were fast rider and carried multiple packages). In film, bikers used wired cell phone head appartus to communicate, I only had a flip cell phone. I doubt ANY biker could practically survive bike crashes flipping over cars and not suffer broken something and lacarated, get back up and continue riding.

Project: Almanac (2015) [3.5 Worth Watching Again]
Positives: One of the better, found film genre I guess. Teens find plans for a time travel device and party. The many things they do are interesting and moments are freaky as well. Groundhog Day meets a revamped Back to the Future I call it.
Negatives: Spite the fact these teens seemed to be geniuses and one is accepted by MIT, where did they get the extra parts, from stores? Seen a few movies involving time travel with the same ending, regret and return things the way they were [?]...If there is an alternate ending it should be the teens finding the main time travel device because it was left there by them to correct history and the future.

Prometheus (2012) [3]
Positives: Has some attempts to repeat or be familiar with 1979 Alien, after all this it's prequal. Some scenes do explain what we would see in 1979 Alien.  Beginning
of film has an interesting story of archaeological findngs of ancient Earth and alien origins. 
Negatives: Most actors are unfamiliar. (Major Spoilers: the infamous "the company" statement is not repeated but possibly the old man in apparent old recording at beginning and appearence
ending is possibly the owner of the company...Th 6ft alien that is the primary villian of every movie is not seen but a different type egg released face grabber does appear. There is also a
different impregnation type of scenes.) The apparent CGI or computer scenes for the ship is too CGI especially when it didnt exist in 1979.

Puss in Boots (2011) [3] 
Positives: Voice actors (though unless you know "all" the actors you won't recognize who they are portraying). Although
the story starts slow you pick up the names of fairy tale characters then realize what/where this is going. Scripting does seem
to skip but a good amount of funny lines. Its an attempt to give fairy tale characters a real existence. Only reason I even watched
this is due to our enjoyment of cats.
Negatives: So called animation, that looked more like 3-D but not the type need red/blue paper glasses. Movie starts slow so
unsure of plot till fairy tale characters names are revealed. The star character Puss and "egg" character are brothers???
(well raised together that is). Some fairy tale character's plots are changed for story's run. I was generous giving this a 3.

Ragin Bull (1980) [3.5]
- Positives: Goodfellas meets Rocky. Since I have respect both Goodfellas (Joe Pesci, Robert Deniro and others), and the movie Rocky. The special edition dvd says commentary with two people along with Jake LaMotta himself (yet to hear it). I was surprised he was still alive.
- Negatives: With the brutality the movie portrays and language I can see why I never noticed it on regular tv. Talk about paranoid and self ritcheous.

Return of the Jedi 1983 [3.5]
Positives: Actors, script, special effects
Negatives: I found the Ewoks (Unlike Yoda the Ewoks were midget actors in suits, great respect for them. Their scripted characters, although as mass army, taking down as army of 6 foot laser gun armed troops?) most annoying and un-needed as was the forest moon scenes, but that was part of story to eliminate the Death Star defense shield.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) [2: Needed Improvement]
(Notes: I have to assume this is a reboot for a start to sequels)
Positives: Plot, Script, Characters. Many references, names and famous script lines from 1968 Planet of the Apes.
Negatives: Story carried too much attention on scientific experiments that led to their intelligence. Also too much screen time with single ape instead of more
with gathering of apes. (Spoiler) Apes did attain intelligent tactics and spite but not rabid anger (though it would appear so).

Rite, The [3] (2011)
Positives: Based on a book due to the Vatican began hiring Priests for a abundant of exorcisms. I would just about consider calling this
"The Exorcist V",  though carefully enough the events of the the first are vaguely mentioned or even teased. "What did you expect head turning
pea soup?". A young pregnant girl apparently possessed spits profanity which seems to be rewritten script of the first movie but again this really has
nothing to do with the 3-4 Exorcism movies.
Negatives: Like I said this has nothing to do with the original movies and is not even titled them, but scripting and scenes did seem to copy or
follow similarities. The ending as most exorcism movies has the priest take the demons possession, (SPOILER), that does'nt happen. It's ending
is "that's it" at best. They should have had an alternate ending for the dvd though.

Rocky [3.5] 1976
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes
Negatives: As much respect most people who have watched this film and critics, his scripting for being  unconfident with his ability to climb world of boxing ladder. And his own speech as Rocky, not scripting, was very dry. Also, you look up boxers, whether ranked or local in a book? Honestly unsure if boxing promoters have the right to decide who the champion faces or does the league the title is governed by. Lost mistake by Creed is saying that January 1 is the nation's birthday.

Rocky II [4] 1979
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes
Negatives: Its doubtful that the champion would answer critics by challenging the opponent. Once a fight is over, yes the fight either way is criticized whom ever wins, not sure who would order or want a rematch. One stand out problem with the Rocky film series is the bloody punishment they "supposedly" endure. Many years if not decades ago they did, but for health, making a living and barbaric results fight would be stopped almost after the immediate sight of blood.

Rocky III [3.5] 1982
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes, Music. (Mr. T sold as one of the most vicious if not by mistake favorite antagonist characters in film history. A much more vicious version of Muhammad Ali)
Negatives: Again, just like the boxing promoter in first film, Creed in II, Mickey-his trainer decides who he fights. That does'nt legally work probably but it makes good script again. Burt Young his ENTIRE career plays a bum in some fashion/way or another. He really goes all out to prove that in opening.

Rocky IV [3.5] 1985
Positives: Actors, Characters, Script, Scenes, Music. (Stallone really sold a great script at ending "in this fight, you saw two guys killing each other. Well I think thats better than twenty million)
Negatives: Besides Dolph Lundren will always be remembered for "the Russian in Rocky", his character was over sold as powerful if not unbeatable. He annihilates Apollo Creed but Rocky is able to go toe, whether or not Apollo did'nt take him seriously.

Rocky V [3.5] 1990
Positives: Actors, Script, Scenes. (Far more involved family dispute dialogue between Stallone, real life son Sage and even Talia Shire).
Negatives: Original scripting called for Rocky to die but movie rights with studio overrode Stalllone. Rather than a boxing finale, they end up in a Philadelphia Street Fight, it worked but it was'nt ring work that we are used to. Richard Gant sold a off shoot of real promoter Don King, in the end he repeated to Rocky "if you touch me I'll sue". Rocky does hit him and replies "sue me for what". Rocky assumes the promoter  would'nt win a law suit based on the neighborhood would not testify.

Rocky Balboa [3] 2006
Positives: Characters, Script, Scenes
Negatives: Sorry, the way Stallone aged Rocky, he could still take on a young opponent? The film series should have ended with "V" and still mourning the loss of Adrian does and does not help. This one just makes the actors and history of Rocky out of date.

Rosemary's Baby (1968) [2]
Positives: Definitely what you label a gothic horror. Very strange people/neighbors/characters (but dont we all encounter them everyday).
Negatives: (SPOILERS) The husband gave in to them, the doctors (who was in on it and who were not, couldnt figure that out). Only the final minute is the scene most everyone saw in trailer and clips of this movie, EXCEPT...I cant believe the mother, what she did...Or didnt do that is.

Ride the High Country [3] (1962)
Note: This is the third Sam Peckinpah film Ive watched. Its a project to watch all his films, especially since Im not fan of westerns. But as Kris Kristofferson would say "Sam was a romantic" He knew what he was doing making a film.
Positives: I think Clint Eastwood took this script and possibly reworked it into his 1991 award winning Unforgiven (Eastwood started in westerns tv and films). Thanks to director Sam Peckinpah seems like this film does seem to show like riding thru the country, good the bad and the ugly (yes thats a pun). Times are to watch when woman have no say in that time and place. But heroic when people come to your rescue however you gotta agree with the girl's father, no man is good enough for my daughter.
Negatives: It was difficult to watch how a woman is treated, even in marriage. Its kinda funny and strange to see such a young man not being able to fight back for himself. I think the story was supposed to be them carrying a allotment of gold or something and maybe 5% of the movie involved that. Movie I think ended too early. Should have seen the young man and woman get together but there is vagueness of this.